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AEC Consultant

Vianen, Netherlands

Create, Use and Optimise BIM Data

Let me support you learning Autodesk BIM Software in a targeted way, so you can be using it in the optimal way. Also Project Support and tailor made BIM Content can be delivered.


Autodesk Revit
Autodesk Revit Structure
Revit Family making
Autodesk Navisworks
Autodesk ReCap
Virtual Reality (VR)
Computational design
BIM model coordination
BIM modelling
BIM design coordination
Autodesk Dynamo
Cadac TheModus


AEC Consultant

Cadac Group AEC

01 Mar 2012 - 01 Jun 2019 (7 years, 3 months)

Implementation of Autodesk Revit at Architects, Constructors, Suppliers and Contractors. Work process optimization by means of Cadac Tooling. Automation of Revit tasks using Autodesk Dynamo. Instructor Autodesk ReCap.

Book Kelly

US$1,310.- / day (ex VAT)

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Book Kelly

US$1,310.- / day

Expert levels

Our experts are available in different levels. Meet them below!

  1. Industry Expert US$1,420.- - US$1,640.- / day

    Industry Experts are the ideal consultants for the development and optimisation of innovation and operational processes using, for instance, Autodesk software. A customer-oriented approach and quality are at the heart of their mindset. Industry Experts have extensive experience in a particular industry, know all the ins and outs of your field and strive for business excellence and growth of your company. With an expert representing the highest level of expertise, you can count on far-reaching competence in the field of automation and digitalisation. They are also able to work in close cooperation with other stakeholders.

  2. Business Expert US$1,200.- - US$1,420.- / day

    Business Experts are technical professionals who provide guidance to ensure that Autodesk software is used optimally with the aim of improving process efficiency. Thanks to years of knowledge and experience gained in previous endeavours, Business Experts are able to identify current situations and achieve a shift to the desired situation, making them solution-oriented and highly competent consultants in technical terms.

  3. Domain Expert US$990.- - US$1,200.- / day

    For issues within specific knowledge domains, Domain Experts are the ideal experts. They are called in for support regarding workflows, industry standards, data formats and interoperability. These experienced consultants help you make the most of Autodesk software within a structure of processes. In addition, they are highly adept at identifying potential improvements. Domain Experts can also guide and train others.

  4. Training Expert US$770.- - US$990.- / day

    Training Experts are skilled trainers with extensive hands-on experience who provide Autodesk-related training to increase the level of knowledge within your organisation. Training Experts can design a training tailored specifically to your needs, focusing on passing on practical skills related to Autodesk software. Furthermore, Training Experts are able to assess the extent of the training participants' knowledge.

  5. Creating Expert US$550.- - US$770.- / day

    Creating Experts provide support and advice when using a specific Autodesk package. These Experts visualise ideas and concepts into a high-quality 2D or 3D model using Autodesk software. They are skilled and experienced Experts who have all the necessary skills to effectively work with Autodesk software. When it comes to creating mechanical and structural drawings, the assignment is in good hands with these professionals.

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