TAG to Document links with unstructured data, truth or fiction?


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Join Cadac to learn about a truly unique software solution to provide immediate effectivity and lowered costs on your operations and maintenance teams.

Change the game of finding critical information 

Upon any event in a plant it is critical to find all relevant information fast. The truth is, often the data is stored in various different formats and various different locations making it very difficult to find the information you need. With Viewport we have proven to customers to change the game in this regard and lower the average search time from upwards to 15 minutes to merely seconds.

Use machine learning to analyze technical information

When Viewport is pointed at the many sources of information, it uses machine learning techniques to analyze all the technical information from your documents. Viewport then creates cross references between the information. With its roots deep in the Oil & Gas and Chemical Industries Viewport perfectly understands all the fine details on your documentation.

Join our webinar to learn more about:

  • Optimize your operations and maintenance team.
  • TAG scraping and cross referencing from unstructured data (pdf, tiff, etc).
  • Connecting to multiple data sources to see all relevant information.
  • Integration with Real – Time systems.
  • Implementation time is measured in days and not months.

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