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The pressure on successful Process Safety Management in the Process and Power industry has increased significantly in the last couple of years. Thanks to modern media incidents are instantly recognized around the globe with large effects on investment values and trust in the industries.

Safety environmental protection, regulations have become more strict. Amongst safety procedures, staff education and regular safety, the integrity and the availability of correct documentation are key to successfully running business. Plant upgrades, modifications, refurbishment and maintenance work are often happening simultaneously ore with overlapping time frames.

Major challenge for owner operators

With all these multiple activities concurrently being executed on site, keeping the overview on who is using which documentation, making sure that As built documentation is kept up to date, ensuring document integrity, and at the same time keeping the process slim and performant turns out to be a major challenge that a lot of owner operators are facing.

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Join our Webinar to learn how our solutions can support you managing an as built repository with multiple adjacent maintenance and project sites attached to it. Learn:

  • How to ensure that you always know where documentation has been handed out to.
  • How you can ensure that only current information is returned to the document repository.
  • How you ensure that you have a clean and consistent document history in your repository.
  • See how you can run projects and quick as built updates with documentation from one central repository.

Our solutions can help you shorten document update cycles, keep and overview on handed out documentation and implement a clean import process for returning documentation from concurrent activities.

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