A roadmap to Model-Centric working


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What is this whitepaper about?

The way people collaborate during the design and construction phases of a building is changing rapidly under the influence of new technology. Processes that used to be sequential, slow and analogue are becoming digital and parallel. This causes a fundamental shift in the way we manage information. In the Whitepaper “A roadmap to Model-Centric working” we dig deep into the paradigm shift of the construction and manufacturing industry.

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This document demonstrates that companies in the entire construction value chain need to make steps in their digital maturity to truly benefit from the advantages that new technology brings

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The challenge

The market pressure for a shorter time-to-market drives the necessity to speed up the design and construction process. The transition from the traditional design – award – construct process to a Design & Construct approach requires that the contract price be established before the detailed design is ready.

The automotive industry as an example

The construction industry always likes to look at the automotive industry as the pinnacle of efficiency and asks itself why it cannot be as efficient as the automotive industry. The obvious explanation always is the fact that the construction industry creates unique buildings with an ever-changing group of stakeholders whereas the automotive industry tends to deliver configurable products created by a relatively static supply chain.


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