Managing and Controlling Design Information


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What is this whitepaper about?

Traditionally, CAD files and associated documents are stored in shared project folders on file servers using Windows Explorer. This traditional way of working on shared files is fine for the engineer or engineering teams up to a certain size, when all participants work with compatible CAD software.

Reviews, approvals, and revisions to CAD files are often required outside of a Windows Explorer environment and must be performed by a wider audience who may not have access to the necessary CAD applications.

The search for an all-encompassing “single source” solution turns out to be a long journey and often ends in disappointment because there is no singular solution available without a lot of compromise on either end. Real-world experience and expertise help us conclude that the best advice is to choose a combined “best of breed” solution.

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Autodesk Vault & Microsoft SharePoint: Integrating the best of both worlds.

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Autodesk Vault: Engineering Data Management

Autodesk Vault is an optimal Engineering Data Management tool because it offers integration with multiple CAD and engineering tools. It gives both engineers and designers a solution that eliminates the dependencies for all kinds of internal agreements and procedures on paper.

Autodesk Vault can automate these procedures. As a result, project teams can optimally work together, using each other’s design data in a controlled way without the risk of error.

Microsoft SharePoint: Document Control

In order to provide easy access to project information for other departments and third party participants, a collaboration platform like Microsoft SharePoint is required.

Many companies already use SharePoint as a platform for storing files, supporting collaboration on documents, and controlled sharing of documents with colleagues and project members, both internal and external to the organization. Therefore, SharePoint can primarily be regarded as the successor to file servers, public folders, central mailboxes, and file exchange using FTP, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc.


Engineering Data Management & Document Control

There are several options for integrating Autodesk Vault with Microsoft SharePoint. In short, our Cadac Organice DCS solution provides you with the ability to utilize the full audit and workflow capabilities of a document control solution while still retaining a permanent connection between CAD data and their renditions.

This solution also extends the audit trail into the CAD environment without restricting the CAD user’s ability to utilize the full set of CAD features.

Managing and Controlling Design Information

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