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Drawing & Engineering
Van Rossum Engineering b.v. is a service provider in the fields of draughting, engineering, and machine construction. We began as a 3D design firm in 2001. Our work activities primarily consisted of the delivery of complete draughting packages suitable for manufacturing and assembly.

Complete package
To meet the demand for delivery of turn-key projects, we moved in 2003 to our current office with our own production and assembly space in Harmelen. Our services have now expanded, and we can offer customers a complete package of draughting work, engineering, prototyping, mechanical engineering, and business mechanization. Our activities range from designing a simple plate to engineering to the complete manufacture of production machines.

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We have been working for many years with Autodesk Inventor, and we saw the investment in the 3D printer as a logical addition to the services we offer our customers.

Erik van Rossum

Director - Van Rossum Engineering

Inventor as the basis of digital prototyping

Autodesk Inventor is the platform on which the Autodesk 'digital prototyping' solution is based. With Autodesk Inventor you create a 3D design from Autodesk 2D (AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical) or conceptual design software (Maya and Alias Design Studio). Then you have a perfect virtual model, or 'digital prototype' as it is called.

Practice has shown that there is a need at some point to have a physical model. You can decide to have the model built in your own workshop or outsource the job to a specialized company. Turnaround times may be long and costs are high. There are now various rapid prototyping solutions available and companies that offer these solutions. Van Rossum Engineering of Harmelen is one such company.

Investing in a 3D printer

As an engineering partner for a wide range of clients, for Director Erik van Rossum it was clear that this represented an opportunity to better serve them.

'We invested in a 3D printer. We saw that companies had a clear need to have a physical product in their hands.' The consumables are expensive and a considerable investment is also required for the devices. That is why Van Rossum Engineering started to do commissioned 3D printing under the name: We've been working for many years with Autodesk Inventor, and we saw the investment in the 3D printer as a logical addition to the services we offer our customers.


Full colour prints of 3D models

By selecting this specific print technique, Van Rossum Engineering can print your models in 'full colour'. That is unique because other systems print only in one colour. Another distinction of Van Rossum Engineering is that they can use a method of post processing to vary the applicability of the model.

By impregnating the model with epoxy, it becomes hard, so you can build it in a composition. A model that is impregnated with fast-drying 'superglue' can be sanded and painted to obtain a perfect view model. Van Rossum Engineering advises you, depending on what you wish, on which choices you can make. Because the system can print multiple models at one time, Van Rossum can quickly fulfil the need for a physical model.

'That is a major advantage of this technique. Customers like to see quick results and we can respond well to that.' With the 3D printer, Van Rossum produces not only mechanical models, but also models for architects and medical models for physicians and research institutes. Additionally, some customers see promotional applications for the high-quality models: 'Upon completion of a machine, you print a model of the machine that is personalized with the customer's name and logo. That's distinctive and it doubles as a great business card.'

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