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About Van Haren Installaties

More than 40 years of experience
Since its founding in 1971 in Cuijk, Van Haren Installaties has developed into a medium-sized installation company active in both new construction and renovation in the industry, utilities, and residential construction sectors. Clients consist of banks, healthcare, governmental and semi-governmental organizations, private individuals, businesses, and multinationals in the Land van Cuijk region, North-East Brabant, North Limburg, and the Nijmegen region.

Service quality
The company is committed to continual growth and progression, where the quality of the work and the welfare of the employees are of the utmost priority. Van Haren Installaties is a trusted partner that places paramount importance on service, quality, and expertise.

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Thanks to the tools developed by Cadac Group, we now draw faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

G.A. (Gerard) van Haren

General Manager - Van Haren Installaties B.V

Entrepreneur award

Installation companies have had it difficult for a number of years now that the construction industry is experiencing financial woes. Van Haren Installaties in Cuijk is managing to buck this trend. Gerard van Haren's company has kept up its volume and completed beautiful projects in both new construction and renovation in the industry, utilities, and residential construction sectors.

Van Haren, nominated last year for the Land van Cuijk en Noord-Limburg business award, remains humble. Gerard explains: 'It's confirmation that you're doing something right as an entrepreneur. But here the team is the most important player. Without the team's support for ideas, you cannot progress. Collaboration is extremely important.'

An unwritten rule

The director is not just talking about collaboration within the company, but also beyond, such as working with the industrial association. 'There is a lovely unwritten rule within the circle: If you can find a product or service with the same price and quality within your own region, then you opt for that. Numerous entrepreneurs place considerable importance on this. We strive to help and stimulate each other.'

Van Haren Installaties was founded in 1971 in Escharen before relocating to Cuijk in '98. They have been part of the industry circle since the early nineties; Van Haren is even a board member. 'In principle, the industrial association is geared toward very large industrial companies. Meanwhile, smaller businesses have joined that are related to the industry. And as a result, a larger network has taken shape.'


Stable partners

Van Haren Installaties has been a contact of Cadac Group for more than 16 years. In addition, a few years ago, the company began collaborating more with other companies in the industry.

A conscious decision was made to work with 'stable partners' like Cadac Group that, just like Van Haren Installaties, prioritizes quality. 'These chain cooperations have given us some stability. We work with large construction companies on wonderful projects, such as the Rabobank in Venlo and Beugen. We're also working more and more as an advisory installer, so in a construction team with the client and architect, we're shape better the integrated process. 'Van Haren Installaties also use the latest techniques and initiatives such as BIM. Cadac Flexline and Cadac Techline developed by Cadac Group provide us, for example, many advantages. Thanks to these tools, we draw faster, smarter, and more efficiently in Revit MEP.'

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