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The installation division of L.M. van der Sluis Holding consists of various operating companies such as Loodsluis, Verwarmingssluis, Electrasluis, and advisory group BVT. Van der Sluis Technische Bedrijven is a full-service installer that handles the entire process from consulting, design, and implementation to management, maintenance, and renovation. The Van der Sluis name guarantees a quality product that is delivered on time and within budget.

Do the job well, complete it within the agreed deadline, and use quality materials
L.M. van der Sluis founded his company on this philosophy in 1934, and this promise remains the foundation for all of the work the company performs. Although this tried-and-tested philosophy is as solid as a rock, the world and the construction world for that matter - has not stood still over the past 80 years. This is why Van der Sluis Technische Bedrijven continues to adapt to the changing times. They can respond quickly to market demand and utilize the latest technological developments. In addition, clients can count on motivated and well-trained personnel. They are professionals with a collective wealth of experience and expertise in house, but ones who are also aware of the latest rules and regulations and act accordingly.

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Only when you dare to share all relevant knowledge at every level can there really be any use of BIM.

René van der Sluis

General Manager - Van der Sluis Technische Bedrijven

Van der Sluis - Impressie Projecten Installatietechniek

BIM is no longer a hype

BIM seems to have outgrown the hype phase. The concept, with the aim of sharing knowledge and optimizing the total construction process from design to management, has become an established concept in the construction world. Which is not to say that the majority already use it.

The BIM concept and the awareness of the benefits of an integrated approach existed early on at L.M. van der Sluis, even before the BIM concept was devised. In 2010, Autodesk Revit entered the picture of this full-service installer. As early as 1994 Loodsluis, a subsidiary of L.M. van der Sluis Holding, began looking for a 3D package they could use to provide their customers with visual advice for bathrooms, but one that could also serve as an information repository for the technical design calculations of the concept. Subsidiary Metaalsluis has been using software to share and exchange information since 1997.

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Collaborating partners who are true to their strengths

Given their pioneering work, it is no coincidence that Van der Sluis and Cadac Group have been running into each other on projects for many years and have developed an ever more synergistic relationship. There is also an increasing trend towards developing partnerships with other companies in the sector, such as installation consultants– all prime examples of BIM collaboration within the installation sector.

René van der Sluis, General Manager, uses an interesting metaphor to describe the collaboration. 'We see that the intertwining of our processes and activities strengthens the collaboration.' While it should really come as no surprise, BIM is proving to provide financial and efficiency benefits in the installation sector, too.


Responsibilities and work activities

Incidentally, practice has proven that the use of BIM is resulting in a shift of responsibilities: decisions are generally being made much earlier in the chain. That in itself is not surprising, because the knowledge of production is ideally utilized at the start. This is because the designer actually already builds a virtual model of the project. 'That can result in friction,' says Van der Sluis from experience. 'After all, this work is being taken away from another party further up the chain. But this change is in keeping with the LEAN philosophy, and economically it has proved inevitable. It is simply logical: the sooner you know exactly which product you are going to place and use in precisely which location, the fewer changes you will need to make along the way and, in principle, the sooner you will be finished.'



'Whereas an installer in the traditional approach often re-performs draughting work, BIM has made that a thing of the past,' says Van der Sluis says. In the final analysis, the use of BIM is really nothing more than daring to share knowledge based on predetermined standards.'

In making this point, Van der Sluis touches on a potentially thorny issue: apparently Dutch BIM standards are non-existent. Often the agreements that people make are decided on a project basis. Mark van der Pol, AEC Account Manager at Cadac Group, elaborates on this, 'And it's precisely in that area that a significant role is reserved for a company like ours. We're the party that validates objects and provides added value with Cadac Flexline, software, and a working methodology we have developed for Revit MEP.'

Also highlighting culture and mentality

Moreover, a great deal remains to be achieved in many areas. 'The most obvious area is not even technical, it has more to do with culture and mentality,' says Van der Sluis. 'It's well known that Revit was written for the American market, which means that the software originally did not offer any Dutch content.

We then have recourse to Cadac Flexline, which does provide an extensive Dutch library. You can attribute that shortcoming to the Revit producer, but you can also view it as a complacency that is prevalent in the culture of the Dutch construction sector. In our 'claim culture,' out of a fear for negative consequences, we often only work on our own portion of a project, which prevents any real exchange of information. Only when you dare to share all relevant knowledge at every level can there really be any use of BIM.


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