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Storing, processing and packing agricultural products
Tolsma-Grisnich designs and builds systems for the processing, storage and cooling of potatoes and onions. This family-owned business serves customers around the world from its base in Emmeloord. Tolsma is known for its innovative storage systems that assure customers of the very best storage results. Grisnich specialises in customer-specific installations and turnkey projects for the receipt, transport, bunkering, cleaning, sorting and packing of agricultural products.

Seeking to achieve greater efficiency in the design department
Last year the management team launched a plan to boost productivity. One of the spearheads was to achieve greater efficiency in the design department. Cadac Care has enabled them to take the first steps in this direction.

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The aim is to achieve five percent higher productivity per year. Cadac Care is making this possible!

Hans Gaillard

Interim Manager Operations - Tolsma-Grisnich

Administration for CAD systems taking up too much time

Hans Gaillard is the interim manager for operations, and is responsible for an efficiency drive in the Grisnich design department. On taking up his position half-way through 2016/at the beginning of 2017 he found that administration of the CAD systems was taking up a great deal of time, migrations and updates were being postponed and that training of the 18 designers was not taking place consistently.

“It wasn't really a surprise”, he says, “I've seen the CAD departments and it can be a bit chaotic. The administrators were often the best engineers, but much of their time was being taken up with software and the systems. They would add functionalities and product numbers themselves, knew the system inside out and better than anyone else, so they ended up creating their own little kingdom. The other engineers were dependent on them and were spending more and more time searching for things in the systems and on communication with one another around these issues. The same went for Grisnich. This undoubtedly resulted in longer design times, extended time-to-market, higher costs and longer time to profitability.”

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We are Tolsma-Grisnich

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Engaged supplier

So, it was high time to take action and reason enough to seek the advice of Cadac Group. “Cadac Group is the number one when it comes to implementing the right Autodesk software packages and solutions in line with its own best practice solutions”, continues Hans Gaillard. “Why not take it a step further and do something new? We entered into discussions and challenged them to support us in organising the design department better.”

Account manager Gebbe Meffert was delighted to take up the challenge. “We do not do ad hoc solutions and customisations. Implementation of our standard solutions with the relevant training and service is our core business. But, Cadac Group is also in the middle of a process of change. We want to take the burden off our customers, come up with solutions together. Deliver more consultancy and expertise. This was the perfect case study for us to try out a new direction.”

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Service and administration

Gebbe Meffert consulted with his own managers and came back a few weeks later with a concrete proposal that was immediately taken up with enthusiasm. “It's a completely new approach to service and administration”, he explains. “We have taken the lead in terms of administration for the entire engineering department in relation to software and systems.

This takes place on the basis of a carefully thought through plan that is yielding greater efficiency a step at a time. To this end, we regularly schedule days on site at Grisnich. One key component is a highly specific, short training session lasting no more than two hours that enables designers to get started straightaway. There is plenty of opportunity for questions and to discuss any other problem areas.”

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Very positive

The first sessions have already been held. “We are feeling very positive”, enthuses Peter de Moel, coordinator of the design department at Tolsma-Grisnich. “None of us is wasting time on the CAD systems any more, which is producing time savings. We don't need to schedule in any more courses or training and all issues can be left to a set training day that happens once a month.

Participation is not obligatory, but no way is anyone on our team going to miss out on a training session. There is so much to learn and it's a good opportunity to share experiences - a spontaneous form of cross-fertilisation. Another nice thing is that the same consultant always runs the sessions. We already view him as a colleague. For specific topics, Cadac Group will send another expert. It's working brilliantly.”

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Five percent

It is too early to measure concrete results, accepts Hans Gaillard. “Cadac Group did a baseline study and analysed precisely how the design department operates and what the output is. The first evaluation will take place after six months. The eventual aim is to achieve five percent productivity gains per year; this is in design hours as a function of turnover. I have every confidence that the results will be to our satisfaction. Fully outsourcing the administration of the CAD systems to Cadac Group is already being measured as pure profit. All the designers can focus fully on their role, a clear outcome of the training. Not only this, we can now be sure the systems are up-to-date. A further benefit that equates to profit is all the knowledge we are acquiring. The Cadac Group consultants bring knowledge and experience they have garnered from other mechanical engineering firms. This can only be to our benefit.”

Launching customer

Gebbe Meffert was delighted to get these comments and compliments. “Satisfied customers, that's what we are all about. But, clearly we benefit too. We will now apply this approach more widely in the market under the name Cadac Care.

The model is easily scalable for both SMEs and large companies. There is a great deal of interest, and we have already made a start with a few customers. Cadac Care fits seamlessly in the trend towards chain integration. As it turns out Grisnich was our launching customer and we are delighted with the whole experience.”

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All the benefits

Cadac Care brings a number of benefits. Ask about an obligation-free consultation today and save valuable time in your engineering department.

USP Use engineers more effectively

Use engineers more effectively

Your best and best paid CAD engineers no longer have to spend time on the maintenance of CAD systems.

USP Trouble-free maintenance

Trouble-free maintenance

Maintenance and updates are scheduled without you having to do anything.

USP Clear work processes

Clear work processes

Clear, unambiguous CAD models can be built. Anyone can take over the work of another person without problem. New staff members can be quickly inducted.

USP The ideal configuration

The ideal configuration

All CAD systems are set up with the best configuration. 

USP The same contact person

The same contact person

We will assign you a permanent contact person.

USP Stay up-to-date

Stay up-to-date

As an Autodesk Platinum Partner we are always the first to know about new software developments for your industry.

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