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Timmerman hones its competitive edge with NXTdim Inventor and NXTdim Vault

About Timmermans

In 2010, two names in the energy & heating solutions market, Gebroeders Timmerman and
AMO-Bihl, merged to form Timmerman Energy & Heat Solutions. Gebroeders Timmerman
had built an outstanding reputation on the Belgian market since its founding in 1972.

Now, Timmerman Energy & Heat Solutions has grown into an 80-person company with its own
research center, experienced engineers, certified welders and a huge, 6000 m² workshop
with the very latest in equipment for R&D, design, manufacture and installation, all tailormade
to customer specifications. Team spirit, expertise, autonomy and engagement are
Timmerman’s core values.

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At a Cadac Group workshop, we got a better look at the potential of Autodesk Vault and NXTdim Inventor. We made up our minds to get the whole suite that same day.

Peter Paelman

Tekenaar - Timmerman Energy & Heat Solutions

Time-savings right out of the box

Timmerman Energy & Heat Solutions is a leader on the Belgian market in the design, manufacture and installation of energy and heating solutions. When Timmerman went looking for a solution to make certain processes faster and save time on the repetitive tasks in Inventor, the Cadac Group had just what they were looking for, in NXTdim Inventor and Cadac Organice Vault: time-savings right out of the box.



Timmerman Energy & Heat Solutions has its own research center that produces product designs. The company has a high degree of flexibility in assembly and installation, whether it’s in the workshop or on location, and can do this both during planned downtime or unforeseen shutdowns. It also has a repair service standing by around-the-clock to make repairs or fix problems on location. The fact that these services have built Timmerman’s outstanding reputation is attested to by its long list of clients, including Arcelor, Campina and Proctor & Gamble.

A bright future

A clear focus at Timmerman Energy & Heat Solutions is in solutions and implementations for energy-efficient applications. With its experience with products like heat exchangers, air heaters and pipelines, Timmerman has a lot to offer in the pursuit of the European Union’s 20/20/20 targets - a 20% cut in greenhouse gas emissions, an increase in energy efficiency of 20%, and 20% of global energy use sustainably generated, all by 2020.


Discovery of Cadac Organice Vault during Data Management workshop

“In the meetings on the annual extension of our subscription contract, the Cadac Group told us about the data management possibilities with Autodesk Vault and the time we could save with NXTdim Inventor,” says Peter Paelman, Inventor draftsman with Timmerman Energy & Heat Solutions. “Later, at a Cadac Group Affordable PDM Solutions workshop, we got a better look at the potential of Autodesk Vault, NXTdim Inventor and Cadac Organice Vault. We made up our minds to get the whole suite that same day.

Since we started drawing with Inventor in 3D, the amount of data we have to process has grown explosively since the ‘old-fashioned’ 2D drawing work in AutoCAD. Data management is critical to ensure that processes go smoothly and fast. The Cadac Group did the installation of Autodesk Vault according to a proven Cadac Organice Vault best practice methodology that allowed us to start using the software fast.

Right from that workshop, the advantage of NXTdim Inventor was immediately clear: saving time in Inventor. Especially the Tools in NXTdim Inventor can, for us, and I think for other companies drawing in Inventor, simplify and automate so many actions, and save so much time. And saving time means gaining a competitive edge.”

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Handy time-saving Tools

“Take our heat exchangers, tanks, and so much other construction work,” Paelman continues. “We use the sheet metal output in Inventor a lot. Making a DXF file for one sheet metal part is not a lot of work, but often we want to run a DXF for all folds of all sheet metal parts in a project all at once. Now that does take time.

But the Publish flat pattern DXF tool in NXTdim Inventor does it automatically in just a couple of minutes. And you eliminate the chance of forgetting any parts. But the tool we use most is the Property Editor. This tool brings all the properties to be entered and assigned together in one handy dialog box. So we don’t have to go to different places in Inventor to enter the iProperties, rendering style and BOM structure. And that means no more forgetting anything and no more incomplete parts lists, because the configuration screen automatically appears after you save a new part.

At Timmerman we’re still not using 100% of all the Tools in NXTdim Inventor. At the annual Inventor update, we get a short training by someone from the Cadac Group. With the next update, we want to take a closer look at the potential of the tools and see where we can get even more time-savings.”

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