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TCR Consultants & Engineers, a leading engineering firm in the field of process systems, has chosen AutoCAD 3D Plant as the software application for their design activities. TCR primarily based their choice on their good experience with AutoCAD and the fact that Plant 3D is the only design package for process systems that runs on 64-bit processors.

Emphasizing process engineering
The engineering firm has long used AutoCAD 3D Plant for the design of the process systems it produces for well-known global multinationals as well as for smaller and medium-sized companies. TCR is mainly specialized in the preliminary stages of the design cycle. Typically the engineering firm receives a licensee's basic requirements, which they then process into a collection of documents for a retail agency to work with. For this, the emphasis is clearly on the process engineering.

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Because we were one of the first to work with AutoCAD Plant 3D, we benefited a great deal from the support Cadac Group provided.

Joop Pieters

Managing Director - TCR

Need for 64-bit 3D CAD software

Joop Pieters, managing director at TCR, is very satisfied with the possibilities 3D Plant offers him and his staff. When TCR was commissioned for the conceptual design and FEED (Front End Engineering Design) of a 'delayed coker unit' for a client in Romania, one of the preconditions was that the layout be made in a 3D model.

'Because we recently upgraded all of our equipment, and all our stations (Dual Quad-Core) run on 64-bit Windows, we were looking for a program that could be implemented in our new environment without any modifications (downgrades),' says Pieters. 'To our surprise, this turned out to apply to only one program, namely AutoCAD Plant 3D, of which Cadac Group is the only Autodesk Gold Partner in the Netherlands. Thanks to our previous experiences and this accreditation, we knew that Cadac Group offers the highest-level technical expertise, solutions, support, and training.'

Plant 3D suitable for both 2D and 3D

Pieters adds: 'At their own request, our customers usually actually receive only the views and layouts as documents, thus drawings in 2D, as standard. However, we're happy to also provide a 3D review model, which is a copy without intelligence that can be viewed on a standard desktop PC. Our customers see what we have designed for them with that model. So they can see, for example, that the system is sufficiently accessible and operable and that all required escape routes are present. But the 3D model is especially important for the rest of the design chain.

The extensive 3D model is sent to the retail agency, which continues the preliminary work of TCR. The retail agency retrieves all the necessary intelligence from the drawing to work out the 'nuts and bolts' of the process installation. For the average retail agency, in fact, this is child's play, since AutoCAD 3D Plant is built on the trusted AutoCAD platform and the integrated AutoCAD P&ID functionality allows users to create piping and instrumentation diagrams and to process and integrate the underlying data into the 3D model.'


AutoCAD Plant 3D is now indispensable

AutoCAD 3D Plant is considered by many to be an indispensable tool for the larger process system projects Data from the 3D model, P&IDs, and isometric and orthographic drawings is automatically exchanged so it will always be accurate, consistent, and up-to-date. Plant 3D uses the DWG-format, so 3D models can also be opened by other disciplines with AutoCAD-based software. In addition, data is easy to export from, and integrate into, stress analysis or spool generation software.

Pieters explains: 'Because we were one of the first to work with AutoCAD Plant 3D 2011, we benefited a great deal from the support Cadac Group provided.' They gave us excellent support, helping to familiarize us with the program and with finding so-called workarounds. Despite the usual start-up problems inherent in introducing new software, the model was completed well within the scheduled time. This is proof of the efficient combination of the lightning-fast, highly stable hardware and software.'

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