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A major step toward standardization and automation in 3D engineering

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The demand for food is becoming bigger and bigger with an increasing global population, which is why companies will have to produce more efficiently and effectively. SCE wishes to help companies with this. By designing silos that take up little space and are quick to assemble in any production unit. That is why food and feed producers around the world also count on our know-how. Our engineers have given their fullest attention to all cooperation and have done so for over 25 years. This allowed us, since 1988, to collect sufficient experience to successfully complete each and every project.

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NXTdim is a major step toward standardization and automation in 3D engineering.

Andy Vanparys

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With SCE’s modular construction system, customers can choose from a whole library of cell dimensions and wall types. To process, automate and standardize the volume of data that goes along with a 3D engineering workflow, SCE uses the Cadac Group’s NXTdim Inventor. This allows their drafters to focus on designing, rather than getting bogged down in monotonous and time-consuming procedures.

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The search for a solution for processing vast amounts of data

SCE’s engineering department uses Autodesk Inventor. “One side effect of 3D engineering is that the amount of data you have to be able to process is much greater than in the 2D age,” says Andy Vanparys, Head of Engineering at SCE. “We were looking for a solution to take certain time-consuming, monotonous and repetitive tasks off our hands. We discovered NXTdim Inventor at a Cadac Group user event. This software is completely designed for standardization and automation within Inventor.”


Powerful time-saving tools

Because SCE is a metalworking company, sheet metal work is a major part of its everyday drawing activities. “Publish Flat pattern DXF in the NXTdim Inventor Tools is something we use very frequently, to run all the sheet metal outputs from an assembly at once,” Vanparys says. “And in addition to the tools, NXTdim Inventor also includes a Content Center. This standardized Inventor library means we don’t have to make our own library anymore, and that saves us a lot of time and effort.

Besides saving us 90% of the time it takes to create DSX files, the powerful tools and the Content Center have made life in the studio a lot easier and eliminate the risk of human error. Now our drafters can go back to focusing on designing, instead of monotonous, time consuming tasks. And our CAD manager is a lot happier, because the drafters can spend more time perfecting their designs.”

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