spending less hours per week in finding relevant documents

About Nexus

Passenger Transport
Nexus is the Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive and provides, plans and promotes public transport to improve the economic prosperity of Tyne and Wear and the daily lives of its people. The Tyne and Wear Metro carries over 40 million passengers a year, and is the backbone of the area’s public transport network. The system has 60 stations with peak time trains running every three minutes through the centre of Newcastle and Gateshead. Nexus also operates nine major bus stations, 300 bus services and local ferry services.

Need for an EDM solution
Nexus is undertaking a Capital Expenditure Program, focused on the Metro system, of GBP 385 M+ over the next 11 years. As a publicly funded organization, Nexus needs to ensure that all activity related to the capital spend is properly documented and auditable. Both the internal Document Management and Control processes and the external Collaboration with Consulting Engineers, Construction Contractors and Suppliers need to be integrated and allow for proper revision control and auditable communication. It was felt by management that Document Control was not as tight and organized as desirable. The choice was made to implement an EDM solution based on Cadac Organice and Microsoft SharePoint.

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We have estimated that each of our engineers saves 1-2 hours per week in finding relevant documents.

Health & Safety Engineering & Project Manager - Nexus

Main benefits

Cadac Organice Suite offers Nexus lots of benefits:

USP SharePoint


100% SharePoint solution.

USP Easy to use

Easy to use

Intuitive and user friendly.

USP Efficiency


Increased efficiency.

USP Time savings

Time savings

Substantial time savings in document retrieval.

USP Control


Ability to eliminate non-essential & out-of-date documents.

USP Lower costs

Lower costs

Very attractive Total Cost of Operation.


Implementation of Cadac Organice

In a first phase Cadac Organice is predominantly implemented for the Engineering and Drawing Departments (a total of 50 users), with a view to expand the use in a second phase to the Project Management Office and the direct collaboration with external contractors and consultants.

The general (nonproject related) users are generally considered well served by the native SharePoint system. Having started with the basic module Cadac Organice Explorer, used by the Engineers and CAD Drawing specialists, Nexus expects to expand the use also to Cadac Organice Transmit for the formalized exchange of documentation with contractors and consultants, and Cadac Organice Workbox to automate timely follow-up and responses. Nexus hosts her own SharePoint server’s on-premise.

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Best Practice

The lead of the project was allocated to a Project Manager, a senior Health & Safety Engineer within the Nexus Health, Safety, Quality and Environment (NHSQ&E) Department, who had recently joined Nexus and had experience with document control processes elsewhere.

“Cadac Group as a vendor was contracted to work through a structured implementation of the Cadac Organice solution, based on a “Best Practice Template”, which was subsequently tuned to fit our needs. Not only is the Cadac Organice solution natively built on SharePoint, which allows us to align our applications, it also proves to be a very intuitive and user friendly application with which our users can do everything they need to do in their work and much more efficiently than before! Moreover the support of Cadac Group as a vendor in optimizing our processes, implementing our Document Management solution and migrating our data, has been very professional, flexible and forward thinking.”


Time saving

Although no measurable KPI’s or criteria for success had been defined upfront, Nexus feels that they can now properly exercise Document Control again. “A big saving is in the time to find relevant documents. Where this could easily take 15 minutes per document in the past, this is now 30 seconds.

It is estimated that each of the 10 engineers within the Drawings Department saves at least 1-2 hours per week compared to their previous way of working. A very interesting secondary effect is that Cadac Organice has enabled Nexus to set up a program of review for all documents that are now for the first time visible in one system. This in turn has led to elimination of a significant number of non-essential and outof-date documents in the organization. Lastly Cadac Organice has a very attractive Total Cost of Operation (TCO) and its implementation allows for reduction in maintenance and operation cost of the old systems.”

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