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Innovative family-run company
Mourik is an innovative family-run company employing more than 2,000 employees and with dozens of branches worldwide. The company is able to create added value with a wide range of services in multiple technical fields for industry, government, and the private sector. Mourik is a true full-service company: a reliable one-stop-shopping partner with expertise in a variety of fields, from infrastructure to industrial and public utilities construction, and from environmental engineering to project development.

BIM integrated in all business processes
BIM (Building Information Modelling) is an important development that affects every business in the building chain, including Mourik. This leading company began working with BIM many years ago and has a very progressive approach to it, possibly unique. While BIM is for many companies synonymous with 3D design, it means much more for Mourik and as such is integrated in business processes within Mourik companies.

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The important thing with BIM is that you offer the right people the right information at the right moment. Cadac Organice offers clarity and structure.

Pim den Hartog

BIM & Informatie Management - Mourik Groot-Ammers

Main benefits

BIM and Cadac Organice Suite offer Mourik great advantages

USP Uniform method

Uniform method

Unambiguous and uniform working method.

USP Structured


Controlled and structured exchange of information.

USP Central


 All data securely stored centrally and digitally.

USP Revision Management

Revision Management

Managing document versions and revisions.

USP Better collaboration

Better collaboration

Cooperation at an early stage in the design process.

USP Up-to-date information

Up-to-date information

The right people get the right information at the right moment.

Mourik 85 years in the picture

Three pillars of BIM

Within the Mourik organization, it is Pim den Hartog who gives shape to BIM and information management: ‘For us, BIM is made up of three pillars: virtual construction, systems engineering, and document management & control.

In recent years, we have concentrated on these individual elements and developed them further. They are now part of the DNA of our projects. We are now at the point at which these fields are connected with each other. Cadac Group has a central role in this, with Autodesk solutions such as Revit, Civil 3D, and Inventor for virtual construction, Autodesk Vault for Design Management, and Cadac Organice solutions for document management & control.’

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Virtual construction

In 2012, Mourik invested in an expansion of 3D design solutions from Autodesk: ‘The reason for making big investments in this area was primarily the multidisciplinary approach in projects seen in the various parts of the Mourik organization. Coordinating with each other and bringing the models together from the various disciplines at an early stage results in cost savings, shorter lead times, the prevention of failure costs, and consequently also satisfied clients. This has borne fruit in projects including Vopak Oost, comprising the construction of a water treatment plant.’

As a multidisciplinary one-stop-shopping partner, Mourik has increasingly become involved in in projects where input can be delivered from the perspective of various disciplines present within the company. Pim explains: ‘Our clients are very pleased that they can turn to a single party, with expertise in all facets, with the ability to fully think out and implement a project, and also with the ability to present all the information in a clear and pleasant manner. In cooperation with Cadac Group, shape has been given to the implementation of and the necessary training for the 3D design software within all our mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and architectural companies. In 2013, the whole of the Mourik organization was ready to take on and successfully complete projects requiring 3D engineering and BIM.’

Mourik Annual Report 2013

Augmented Reality & 3D scanning

Besides designing, simulating, and visualizing in 3D, Mourik also works with other pioneering 3D techniques such as augmented reality and 3D scanning. Pim continues: ‘A practical example of how we make use of applications in an innovative and pragmatic manner: in the tendering stage of a tunnel project, we encountered an issue relating to the headroom. With the aid of 3D scanning technology, the “as-is” situation was mapped out and entered into Autodesk Revit for further design. Without this technology, this would have been a major task, with plenty of room for errors.’


Document Management & Control

Besides virtual construction, the third strategic pillar ‘Document management & control’ also has a very important role at Mourik. ‘Here at Mourik, we are involved with many different projects all over the world, and we also have a number of international branches. A central information assurance location, a uniform working method, and worldwide access to information are essential for us! Unambiguous communication and up-to-date information are very important in complex, multidisciplinary projects. The more departments and parties involved, the greater the risk of miscommunications.’

In 2010, Mourik came into contact with Cadac Organice via a project in Den Bosch and, on the basis of practical experience with this solution in that project, decided to implement it immediately. ‘Cadac Organice, with Microsoft SharePoint as its basis, offers us the possibility of simply setting up a portal featuring all the up-to-date information relating to a project in a central location. This allowed us to abandon the traditional exchange of project documentation via e-mail and similar means of communication. This creates greater clarity, transparency, and structure between our clients and us. After all, everyone can then easily see the document versions and revisions.

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Controlled and structured exchange of information

In order to involve our engineers, CAD draughtsmen, clients, and other interested parties in the design process of a project at an early stage, we facilitate Cadac Organice not only internally but also outside the organization. Without specific technical knowledge of Revit, Inventor, or Civil, they can see what is due to happen and take action where necessary. Design flaws or alternatives can then be discussed without delay. We have observed that this leads to significantly fewer problems and disagreements later. Everyone knows the situation and where he/she stands, and can pass on his/her expertise as early as the design phase. As SharePoint is a generally accepted platform, without complex installations, our clients do not usually have any difficulty with this at all. We are therefore seeing in more and more cases that clients are using our transparent approach as a selection criterion for their tenders.’

The great benefit of these solutions lies in the controlled and structured exchange of information with clients and project partners, often also a requirement set by the client. After all, the important thing is that you offer the right people the right information at the right moment. The amount of information only increases, which also increases the necessity of a solution for the management and control of documents. Contracts with hundreds of demands are becoming the rule rather than the exception. The aim is therefore to only burden someone with the requirements that are important at that moment in time.


Connecting Autodesk Vault with Microsoft SharePoint

Frank Rietrae, Senior Account Manager ALM Solutions at Cadac Group, elaborates: ‘In practice, we see that our clients are increasingly working with a derivative of a model, for instance elevations, cross-sections, and reports. People set to work using all those derivatives. As soon as the model changes, however, the derived data change too. The amount of data relating to projects then also increases enormously. With Cadac Organice, Microsoft SharePoint, and Autodesk Vault, this can be stored with optimum security in a structured manner. A link between these systems is essential!’

Pim den Hartog explains further: ‘Autodesk Vault is currently implemented and used in an integrated manner for design management. This solution occupies a prominent position in all disciplines throughout the organization. Ultimately, we want to incorporate our multidisciplinary models into Autodesk Vault so we can then use them within the projects. The derived documents can then be generated from Vault: from complete 3D models for collision detection sessions with clients to 2D representations for implementation. The information drawn from our 3D design applications and the document management & control platform therefore increases in value and in practical usability.’

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Supporting a pragmatic partner

‘Internally, there is little time to develop processes and to give shape to practical needs expressed by users. That is not our core business, either. As soon as we have concluded one project, the next one is impatiently waiting for our attention! It is therefore a real pleasure to be able to work with a partner that supports us in complex, strategic issues and that has a clear focus on ensuring that we can optimize the way in which we work with the right methods, and ensuring a more efficient engineering process in all our projects.’

Optimization is the future

‘Two years ago, you almost needed to be an IT programmer to get certain things done; now, things are much simpler. A digital inspection report, for instance, can be produced in no time these days. That used to be an arduous task.

Ideally, an engineer builds a model using ‘Lego bricks,’ which can then be replaced with parts from suppliers’ object libraries. In this way, you can not only quickly determine the cost price of a project; our engineers are also increasingly occupied with model optimization rather than drawing lines.’


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