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About Mombarg Beton

Mombarg Beton has more than 30 years of experience with prefabricated concrete, concrete building components for residential building projects, and waterproof concrete constructions such as cellars and manholes. An ambitious team of experienced craftsmen, most of whom have worked for the company for years, guarantee a good end product at a competitive price.

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'Thanks to the BIM solutions Revit and TheModus, we can now collaborate with contractors and commissioning parties better and smarter.'

Bob van Goethem

Directeur - Mombarg Beton

Leading concrete specialist

Mombarg Beton is a leading concrete specialist based in Doetinchem that has more than 30 years of experience with prefabricated concrete. In the interest of smarter, better collaboration and to be able to offer more added value to contractors and commissioning parties, the company switched to the Autodesk Building Design Suite. With Revit Structure in combination with TheModus as the 'foundation' this proved to be an optimum BIM solution.

As a prefabrication specialist, Mombarg Beton delivers a wide array of products such as prefabricated cellars, balconies, staircases, galleries, and walls to its clients. 'We deliver products to large and small contractors alike, private clients, the building materials trade, as well as directly to industry,' according to Director Bob van Goethem. 'In many cases, we are involved in the initiation phase and, aided by the client's starting points, we determine the design and the engineering. We also provide the specifications and manufacture the prefabricated components, and we can provide the assembly.'

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Mombarg Beton - Productiefilm

What about the economic recession?

Mombarg is always on the lookout for new developments and new possibilities, and they always listen to their clients and suppliers. That is one reason why they do business with 80% of the top 50 contractors in the Dutch construction industry, and the company continues to grow despite these economically less favourable times.

'Economic crisis? The construction crisis actually helped strengthen us!' declares Bob. 'The need for prefabricated components just keeps growing, because these are used more and more in new building methodologies, they are weather resistant, and they can be quickly and relatively easily assembled on the construction site.'

Continue to innovate and invest
Although, thanks to these developments, Mombarg continues to grow steadily, the company still continues to innovate. Bob explains: 'In mid-2012 we therefore decided to invest in new BIM software in order to transition from 2D draughting to 3D modelling with Autodesk Revit.' Frank van der Drift, Head of production planning, explains: 'When choosing a supplier, we quickly decided on Cadac Group. They have real knowledge of building, and the Cadac specialists proved that during our very first meeting.'

Quick and error-free implementation thanks to TheModus

Cadac Group developed the BIM Best Practice, TheModus, as an addition to Revit. With this cloud-based solution, construction companies are better prepared to create, manage, and share Revit models.

Bob explains: 'We make extensive use of the View Generator within TheModus to automate repetitive and labour intensive processes. With the simple drawings, supplemented by views, detailed reports, and quantity take-offs, we can reduce many hours of work down to a few minutes of work and drastically reduce the margins of error.'

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Earlier at the table with the commissioning party

Switching to new BIM software leads to changes in the work methodology, design process, and collaboration with customers and commissioning parties. 'This switch has changed Mombarg from a supplier to a co-maker,' says van Goethem. 'We now join contractors and commissioning parties at the table sooner and take part in construction meetings right from the start.'

As Frank van der Drift comments, 'by becoming involved earlier in the construction process, you can think about whether the process or the solution is right for the construction project. This provides contractors and clients with savings in terms of costs and time in work preparation and construction, and also means fewer construction errors, thus allowing for cheaper and better construction. Since we have introduced Revit and TheModus into our workflow, our added value for contractors has increased spectacularly!'

Refining the production process
In addition to providing software, Cadac Group supports Mombarg with the deployment and training of CAD draughters. Currently, the Cadac consultants are refining the automation process and optimizing business processes in the factory. Bob explains: 'Our ambition in 2013 is to truly begin producing "LEAN". Naturally, concrete is already C2C, but it can always be improved upon.'

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