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Specialized in commercial construction
Mertens is a modern company that is built on experience and tradition. Mertens is specialized in commercial construction. Our project portfolio is well stocked with schools, health centres, companies, sports facilities, and governmental buildings. Our company prioritizes corporate social responsibility, and we also make a sustainable contribution to society. We familiarize our building partners with our core values: fun, openness, and innovation.

New advisory centre for Rabobank
In early 2014, the new advisory centre for Rabobank Westelijke Mijnstreek will be built in Sittard. The new advisory centre will fits in perfectly with Rabobank and the surroundings. The centre will be a light and transparent building in which customers, members, and staff can meet each other in a lively environment. The new building will accommodate 320 employees, a reception plaza, an auditorium, a restaurant, a call centre, flexwork stations, large conference rooms, quiet rooms, and several offices.

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Using BIM means great teamwork with the right tools.

Leo Janssen

Head of Production Planning - Mertens Bouwbedrijf

Succesvol Verbinden in de bouw

Completion in only one year

Bank employees worked on a Schedule of Requirements themselves. Mecanoo architects translated these wishes into a fantastic design, after which Mertens Bouwbedrijf took on the task of building it. It took just one year to realize the building. BIM makes that possible!

The Mecanoo Architects' design is open and transparent. It includes a five-story office building with approximately 7000 m2 and a two-story car park with around 4500 m2. The whole project was designed with the BIM concept in Revit, with the Revit model placed on a central server at Mecanoo from which it was accessible for all parties involved. This allowed the engineers and installers to easily log in remotely and discuss the design through Skype.

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Responsible for construction and management

After completing the tender, the Revit model was made available to Mertens Bouwbedrijf. This party was not only responsible for construction, but also for project management. Bringing these two responsibilities together in one party appears to be a success. It provides extra motivation to carefully consider the most sustainable solution, something which did not always happen in practice during the pre-BIM era. 


Collaboration facilitates quick construction time and reduced failure costs

Construction on the building began in 2013, and the new Rabobank office is scheduled for completion in February 2014. The short one year construction period is only possible because of the tight scheduling, excellent collaboration between the building partners, and the applied building methods, including prefab.

With this approach, the parties made every effort to carefully coordinate the elements in advance, to prevent spatial clashes at a later time. Clashes on the construction site can be disastrous for meeting deadlines. This can also result in an enormous cost factor, including failure costs, that are now prevented. The architect, contractor, and builder worked together closely to increase the level of detail in the Revit model to ensure everything would fit correctly.

Faultless dimensions due to clash control

By sliding together the steel construction, prefab walls and columns, and prefab walls and floors in the production drawings and performing a 3D clash control in Revit, inaccurate dimensions are kept to a minimum. Changes are also directly implemented in the Revit model so they are immediately visible for all parties. As a result, the work drawings are always up to date, which ends up translating into enormous gains due to the minimal failure costs. Failure costs that impact every step in the building chain: from designer to supplier.

Craftsmanship & involvement

Because Mertens Bouwbedrijf is responsible for both the realization and management model, considerable motivation exists to keep the model current, down to the very last detail. Thanks to the expert support provided by Cadac Group for the implementation of Autodesk Revit, Mertens Bouwbedrijf employees quickly learned how to work with integrated collaboration, with all parties, in a 3D environment. The craftsmanship and hands on approach of the Mertens Bouwbedrijf employees and those of Cadac Group were indispensable for this.


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