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MBB is a mid-sized construction company from Maarssen, the Netherlands. The core business of MBB is creating housing: developing and building houses, offices, premises, shops and other buildings. Occasionally this also includes management. MBB is especially competent in complex innercity development, but is also experienced in expansion areas.

Focus on supply chain integration
MBB is a construction company that uses the concept “Building in Team-Work” to execute projects with her partners. This concept focuses on supply chain integration, in which the interest of the team is preconceived and people strive to minimize waste and optimize quality and project turnaround. A document management system that supports this teamwork well is indispensable.

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Cadac Organice provides us an affordable solution with great future possibilities, which supports our Lean-methodology very well.

Bert Koelewijn

Systeem- en Netwerkbeheerder - MBB


Cadac Organice offers MBB many advantages:

USP Document Management

Document Management

A standardized document management system.

USP Scalable


A scalable and flexible environment.

USP Find documents. Fast and easy.

Find documents. Fast and easy.

Powerful search and sort capabilities based on metadata.

USP Merging


An easy way to merge data from various sources into one project file.

USP Lean collaboration

Lean collaboration

A DMS that supports collaboration in a Lean-methodology.

USP Acces


The possibility to provide access to project documents for project partners.


Building in Team-Work

MBB uses the concept of “Building in Team-Work” (BiTW). Underlying to this concept is the Lean methodology, a methodology in which the team-work between supply chain partners is optimized and which was introduced by Toyota. The BiTW-collaboration with partners focuses on long term and mutual benefits.

The theory behind the collaboration is supply chain integration, in which people look beyond their personal interest. Because of this, people are able to minimize waste, optimize quality and reduce the project turnaround. In the first project that was executed in line with this concept, MBB was able to immediately reduce 20% project turnaround!

Document management is indispensable

Accurate document management supporting the BiTW concept and collaboration is indispensable for MBB. Traditionally MBB was using a fileserver and folder structure. Bert Koelewijn, System and Network Manager at MBB: “The fileserver and folder structure provided users too much freedom and made it difficult to retrieve information. Our Management wanted more standardization and a generic structure, which was also needed for our ISO standard.”

Scalable and flexible environment

Since they were already using Microsoft SQL 2005, MBB choose the existing Windows SharePoint Services.

Bert Koelewijn: “When I found out that WSS was not able to handle DWG’s, I was very disappointed. Searching on Google I found Cadac Organice that provided us exactly what we were missing in WSS.” Cadac Organice provides MBB an affordable, scalable and flexible solution for document management that supports their BiTW concept very well. Bert Koelewijn: “Cadac Organice is based on proven technology, provides us localized support and I don’t need a programmer to configure the environment.”

More about Cadac Organice Suite

Great acceptance

Cadac Organice is used in the office as well as at building sites through Microsoft Terminal Server. The advantage of this is that users don’t need a heavy network connection to view (CAD) documents.

Bert Koelewijn: “Using a document management system requires more effort from users at first and user acceptance needs time, but after a while everybody experiences the benefits. Users are able to retrieve information faster and are able to sort and group information according to their personal needs. Next to that the integrated viewer helps them to view documents fast and easily.” To improve the user acceptance, Bert organizes internal workshops to stimulate the usage of Cadac Organice and to demonstrate the benefits.

Easy to use

Bert Koelewijn: “Cadac Organice contributes to our BiTW concept and that provides us benefits, like substantially reducing the turnaround in our projects.

In addition we have already seen that employees are able to take over the work of their colleagues much faster and easier, since the way that project information is stored in Cadac Organice is generic and recognizable to all, so that users are immediately up to speed.”


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