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About contracting firm Louis Scheepers

Louis Scheepers, a contracting firm in Roermond, was founded in 1951 before becoming part of Bouwbedrijven Jongen in 1981 and part of VolkerWessels in 1996. Contracting firm Louis Scheepers is mainly active in the central part of Limburg and in the province of North Brabant. The company, with a staff of about 100, handles all kinds of construction markets, including residential construction, commercial construction, maintenance, and renovation, and is capable of carrying out extremely complex projects.

PlusWonen: Smart & Sustainable
PlusWonen stands for building with endless possibilities. PlusWonen is a concept that is constantly under development and, over the last few years, it has proven useful in highly diverse projects, even those with very tight budgets. It is a low-cost, smart solution, but above all, it is a sustainable construction method. Owing to the use of sustainable materials, sustainable collaboration, and sustainable resource management, residences built according to the PlusWonen concept perform 10% better than the legally prescribed EPC norms as a rule.

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TheModus software enables us to model a project with twenty homes in only two weeks.

Harro Driessen

Head of production planning - Louis Scheepers

BIM is the ultimate catalyst for synergistic teamwork

Optimization of the entire construction process calls for more direct influence and alignment between the sub-processes, otherwise known as supply chain integration. Among the approaches being used to develop and implement this are lean techniques, such as concurrent engineering and lean planning. This is an approach in which a team creates maximum value with minimum waste of resources such as time, materials, and money. Linking information and improving project communication are essential components, and the BIM concept contributes to this substantially.

Harro Driessen, head of production planning at Louis Scheepers, says, 'BIM is the catalyst for synergistic teamwork among all the disciplines involved in the building process, during which all the critical information concerning the product and process is stored unambiguously as the building or structure is constructed. This information must be continuously available to all parties involved in the process.'


Unique Concept

'With PlusWonen, VolkerWessels possesses a unique concept for meeting the challenges in the construction industry. The concept is unique because its versatility offers affordable customized solutions for several issues relating to outlying locations, urban development, large series of small numbers, buyers looking to trade up, starters, and seniors.

The design, implementation, and sustainability possibilities of PlusWonen are virtually limitless. Whether it concerns apartments, terraced houses, or detached villas, classic or modern styles, the concept can provide a ready-made answer for any urban development plan. An answer which clearly conveys affordability, liveability, and sustainability.

Rapid modelling with TheModus

'We built our own template for PlusWonen that is based on the online BIM platform TheModus,' according to Harro. 'This allows us, after design approval of the building permit applications for a project, to model approximately twenty homes in just two weeks. This includes the presentation drawings!

The PlusWonen concept also enables us to quickly work out different façade systems for our own project development or for a tender phase. For instance, in three days' time, we can have three different options worked out for a tender project for different housing types and quantities. In addition, thanks to the PlusWonen concept, we very quickly had an overview of the project costs, and we could visualize the project beautifully in a short space of time.'

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Consistent drawings at every phase

TheModus template and the online project browser in TheModus are built so that people can work consistently in one working environment. As Harro comments, 'per phase, such as the preliminary and final design phases and the implementation and buyers' phase, we create views and schedules that contain uniform drawings for each phase. As soon as the homes are placed in the situation, the project is uploaded to TheModus, after which time the designer can collect the model to add a foundation and other structural information.

We create a different model for every home (each plot). Doing so allows us to easily retain the specific wishes for each plot and to directly process these into the model after the sales presentation. After the buyer receives our 3D model of the relevant plot, he or she can use the viewer to peruse the house from the convenience of their own home.

The great advantage of this working method is that the buyer's wishes can be immediately processed, and each party always has the most recent and accurate information. This results in a more consistent information flow and thus far less fragmentation and waste.'

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