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Housing renovation in one day thanks to BIM & 3D Scanning

Automating the renovation process is essential

Renovation pilot
Because of rising construction costs and the demand for faster throughput time, the optimization and automation of the renovation process is becoming more and more essential. Contracting firm Louis Scheepers also prioritizes the optimization of this process. To this end, the company collaborated with Faro Benelux, a producer of 3D laser scanners, and with Cadac Group to implement a renovation pilot for residential construction.

3D laser scanning for quick visualization of as-built situations
This pilot involved using a 3D laser scanner to measure a so-called point cloud from the existing situation before modelling it in Revit as an 'as-built model'. This model becomes the reference model for engineering. The renovation during this pilot concerned insulating the building shell with a new prefabricated ceiling and outside walls. To limit the disturbance to the residents, the existing situation was scanned in only half a day, after which the placement of the new outside shell was completed in just one day.

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Thanks to a point cloud, the reduced engineering throughput time was substantial. In a matter of hours, you can obtain much more information and data in comparison to traditional measurement methods.

Harro Driessen

BIM Implementation Manager - Louis Scheepers

As-built situation mapped thanks to 3D Scanning

To get to this point, Faro first scanned the entire residence using a high-speed 3D laser scanner. Using a laser beam, a laser scanner can measure millions of x, y, and z coordinates in a matter of seconds. These measurement points are accurate to within +/- 2 mm and provide a photorealistic 3D image of the existing situation, including colour information.

This enables you to the scan both the interior and the exterior of the residence in only half a day. In Autodesk ReCap, these scans are then 'zipped' together into one large detailed point cloud, complete with colour information. Next, the point cloud is uploaded into Autodesk Revit and converted into an as-built situation using Revit building components such as walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and windows.


Point Cloud: part of the Revit family

 'A point cloud in Revit behaves just like it's a regular part of the family. This means that the point cloud is visible in all views, including maps, cross-sections, section boxes, and 3D views. The point cloud can be selected, copied, rotated, increased, mirrored, and relocated.'

Deviation testing, 'the numbers tell the tale'

The frame recesses in the structure are measured once more to verify the sizes in the Revit model. This test demonstrated that the difference between the sizes in the Revit model and the actual sizes amounted to a mere 5 mm, which is an acceptable deviation.

Generating production drawings
The components for the renovation are modelled in a separate Revit assembly model and subsequently linked with the as-built Revit reference model. The prefabricated walls – including the frames and installation components for ventilation – and the new ceiling were modelled at the implementing level. With TheModus Documentation, frame specifications and production drawings are automatically generated in Revit.

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Installing prefabricated elements in a single day

Once all of the information is known for production, the different components are manufactured. Some additional coordination points are indicated in the Revit model for the installation of the components. After this, the on-site dismantling work is initiated while the coordination points are simultaneously plotted. Finally, the prefabricated components are delivered and assembled in a single day.

Successful pilot
The pilot was a great success for both Louis Scheepers and Cadac Group. The prefabricated components connect perfectly, the project throughput time is minimal, the costs are significantly reduced, and the prefabricated components are manufactured directly from the model. The methods and areas of attention for this pilot were evaluated so that the following projects could be optimized.

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