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Located in Papendrecht, construction firm Lincon is specialized in concrete and concrete constructions. The company has been in existence now for fifteen years, with a workforce of around twenty-five employees. For the services that Lincon provides, which primarily target contracting companies and suppliers like concrete manufacturers, practicality and economic feasibility are paramount concerns.  This groundbreaking company continues to innovate in the present construction market and to make optimal use of modern techniques.

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For the development of the Tate Modern, the View Generator in TheModus provided us with roughly 450 hours in time savings.

Ad van der Linden

Directeur - Lincon BV

Reliable partner

Lincon is an engineering firm with a penchant for concrete. Designing concrete structures is their speciality. The company is innovative and constantly seeking more efficient techniques that will enable them to deliver optimum quality faster; this led to their receiving the 2011 Concrete Award. About two years ago, to better respond to the trends and market demand, Lincon switched to Revit in combination with TheModus, developed by Cadac Group.

At the start of the company's history, Lincon primarily draughted drawings in AutoCAD. 'As time went on, the demands and design options became more complex, and we discovered that having a true partnership with your CAD dealer is quite important,' explains Ad van der Linden, director of Lincon. 'It is easy to purchase AutoCAD , but when you start using 3D draughting software like Revit, you really do require more support. Of course, now there are more CAD suppliers, but as soon as you ask for two more things than is usual, things quickly come to a halt. That is why we selected Cadac Group, a reliable partner with a remarkable amount of in-house knowledge.'

BIM means taking responsibility

When a technical decision is taken at Lincon, they always first ask themselves whether the quality will be improved, the time-requirements reduced and the clients' needs better met. 'Revit meets all these requirements! Especially in times like these, our customers expect more, faster, and cheaper.

Beyond that, Revit's 3D visualization capabilities have proven to be a huge asset, and not just for communication with customers for commercial purposes. Realistic visualization is also becoming increasingly important because the expertise of recent graduates and commissioning parties is on the decline, there are more and more non-Dutch speakers working in the Netherlands, and the projects are becoming increasingly complex.'


Autodesk Revit in the construction industry

Leading software Revit is primarily used in the construction industry, which provides Lincon with better prospects for improved collaboration with building chain partners. 'Collaboration, in other words working with BIM, is becoming increasingly common. Once you begin to examine working with BIM more closely, you discover that although much has been said about it, few people actually understand what is and is not possible with it. The philosophy behind BIM is actually very sound. In practice, however, everyone tries to protect his own design intelligence as much as possible. People want to share information, but they do not want to take on any responsibility. But we do. We share our models and we do not shy away from taking on responsibility. That is the reason for our existence.'


A unique concrete construction for Tate Modern

Tate Modern in London is Great Britain's national museum for international modern art. In the coming years, the museum will be undergoing a major expansion. Lincon has designed an outer shell for one of the new buildings. 'This is a unique and highly complex project. Each brick lain in the façade has been conceived and designed beforehand, and it has a pre-determined position in the façade. This design capability immediately demonstrated Revit's strength.

Without the 3D visualization capabilities, we would never have been able to clearly understand the façade, not only for the client but also for the general foreman with regard to the measurements and formwork.' How was a Dutch company able to land a project like this, worth a total of 250 million euros? Ad explains: 'Authoritative architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron Basel wanted the façade to be made out of concrete. At first, we looked to a steel construction covered with concrete as a solution. Of course, that isn't really convenient. Historically, the Americans and the British tend to think in terms of steel constructions, while Dutch designers are more likely to work with concrete constructions. In fact, I think we are global frontrunners in this respect!'

Time savings thanks to TheModus

In addition to Revit, Lincon also uses TheModus, the cloud solution developed by Cadac Group. 'This software is able to provide step-by-step instructions on how to develop, design, and build something. Moreover, TheModus meets specific needs, such as providing centre of gravity calculations, which are missing from Revit because Autodesk feels the market for certain solutions is too small.

Cadac Group is in a position to respond to these specific needs. Meetings are even organized for this purpose, where users meet to discuss new features and wishes.' One of the most widely used features of TheModus is the View Generator. 'A model of concrete construction is built from an array of components, which we then use to generate production drawings with various views. The View Generator creates these views fully automatically. This continues to provide us with advantages for every project. For the Tate Modern project, it amounted to around 450 hours in time savings!

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