Iv-Consult relies on Autodesk Inventor for their 'specials'

About Iv-Consult

Engineering and consulting firm
As an engineering and consulting firm, Iv-Consult provides services for the preparation and realization of buildings and integrated systems for buildings. The firm is active in various sectors, including care & hospitals, industrial premises, residential housing, office and business premises, education, the government, and car parks.

Market leader
Engineering firm Iv-Consult is the market leader in detail design of steel structures. Along with their headquarters in Papendrecht, Iv-Consult have locations in Almere and Kuala Lumpur. The internationally operating engineering company mainly takes on unusual structural, mechanical, and logistics projects. Among their projects are industrial buildings, transport systems, amusement attractions, and the logistical and structural design of complete container or coal terminals and shipyards.

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3D models not only allow designers to do a better job, but they are also a far more useful communication tool for the client. 



A separate category of work is the 'specials': special projects that demand the most of a firm's engineers. Examples of such projects are the famous 135-metre-tall observation wheel The London Eye and The Beijing Great Wheel, a similar big wheel that was to have been more than 208 metres tall, for which Iv-Consult produced the designs.

The company also worked on the Rotating Tower in Dubai, a skyscraper in which each floor can rotate independently of each other on a shared vertical axis. We bring their catalogue products to the public through our sellers. The 3D models also provide better insight in the department, given that we need to be able to process every aspect of the machines that are interlinked.

Quality and customer orientation

Iv-Consult has raised the bar high for quality and customer orientation. The market is making higher and higher demands, and, depending on the project the engineering firm takes on, it has to operate globally. Complete, accurate, and unambiguous information are essential for successful global operations. The CAD software of Autodesk lends a helping hand with this.


Digital prototyping with Inventor

Up until 2002 Iv-Consult exclusively used AutoCAD for their mechanical engineering designs, but since this time, a growing number of their designs are being created in 3D Autodesk Inventor. About 75% of their current mechanical engineering projects are being worked out in Autodesk Inventor.

There are several reasons for this strong focus on Inventor. A good overview and insight are crucial for complex projects. 3D models not only allow designers to do a better job, but they are also a far more useful communication tool for the client.


Physical prototyping is no longer necessary

Another reason is that Iv-Consult requires a 3D model for the calculations in the FEA packages, which, via Inventor, is immediately available. Also, digital prototyping provides the engineers with many advantages. It is possible to design, analyse, and simulate a project without one or more – frequently expensive – physical prototypes.

Besides Inventor, Iv-Consult still uses a few AutoCAD packages. However, there is still a tendency to switch entirely to 3D. With Autodesk Inventor, Iv-Consult is now well equipped for the future. The package has proven useful for the engineering process, such as for cost limiting factors and for communicating with third parties.

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