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Offshore company Heerema Fabrication Group installs Cadac Group's Organice Taskforce

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Offshore company Heerema Fabrication Group, with workshops in Zwijndrecht, Great Britain and Poland, made the decision early this year to switch to Organice Taskforce – Cadac Group's document management system based on Microsoft's SharePoint. "This was an important step in the digitalisation of the company", says Tony Stewart, the manager responsible for IT. "All documents are now securely stored in the cloud, can be immediately accessed and are always up to date. This allows us to work faster and more efficiently."

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It is important that all documents are immediately available to everyone, and that any changes are immediately visible live. Organice Taskforce guarantees this.

Tony Stewart

IT Manager - Heerema Fabrication Group

The growth of Heerema Fabrication Group

Heerema Fabrication Group has been through a turbulent period. The global market leader in the installation and dismantling of installations at sea has restructured, stopped a number of activities and had to reduce its workforce. The company, founded in 1948 by Pieter Heerema, is now in the news thanks to its great orders. For example, major contracts have recently been signed for the construction of wind farms off the coasts of Taiwan and the United States. In July, Heerema Fabrication Group took the ship the Sleipnir into service, the largest offshore crane vessel in the world with two cranes that can lift 10,000 tonnes each. Suitable for installing large platforms and windmills in the sea.


Steps were taken between the companies regarding the digitalisation of the company – with the switch to Cadac's Organice Taskforce as the provisional final element. "We were still working with an old version of Organice with Explorer and Transmit", says Tony Stewart, "the existing environment was outdated and in need of replacement. With the move to SharePoint online and the new Organice Taskforce, all documents are safely stored in the cloud. This is, of course, essential for a company like Heerema Fabrication Group. We have very large projects underway with many thousands of documents. Many people work on these projects – often from different locations. Here in Hartlepool, in Zwijndrecht and in Poland. It is important that all documents are immediately available to everyone, and that any changes are immediately visible live. Organice Taskforce guarantees this."

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The relationship between Cadac and Heerema Fabrication Group dates back to 2013. "We implemented the first Organice products at the time," says senior account manager Ben Spreen. "Last year we launched the new version; it is significantly better and faster. The tool fits in perfectly with SharePoint's Microsoft platform and makes it easier to manage and use tasks – for the people within the organisation, but also outside it. The client decides who has access and who does or does not have user rights."

Organice Suite


Taskforce has a number of new, useful features. Ben Spreen: "An automated notification system that alerts you to deadlines and scheduled tasks. Forget about email, Dropbox, FTP servers or other tools; with Taskforce, all information is up-to-date. You get full control over the flow of documents. And Taskforce is easy to use and easy to install."



Debby Vogel, document controller at Heerema Fabrication Group, can confirm that. "We actually made the switch very smoothly," she says. "All documents were transferred and the system worked flawlessly within six weeks. Cadac organised a two-day workshop on location in Vlissingen for the employees involved. In September we started a first new project on Taskforce. I haven't heard any complaints."


Taskforce completes the digitalisation at Heerema Fabrication Group, for now, says Tony Stewart. "SharePoint is linked to our digital library in which all drawings, templates and designs are stored. The connection with our ERP system has also been made, which completes the integration. Does that make us money? I think so. Everything happens more quickly and, after all, time is money. I certainly think that everything is going well at the moment. Partly thanks to Cadac, with whom we have built up an excellent partnership."


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