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The many advantages of 3D CAD with Inventor

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Goudsche Machinefabriek, or GMF, has grown from its inception into a company with over 170 employees. There are 150 people working in Waddinxveen and, further afield, people work in sales offices with a few supporting engineers. The products developed in house are distributed to every corner of the world: exports account for over 90% of the annual turnover. GMF-Gouda, formerly called Goudsche Machinefabriek, supplies equipment for the chemical and food processing industries such as drum dryers, cooling rollers, paddle dryers, steam peelers, and disc pastillators. Some well-known buyers include Nestlé, Bayer, and BASF.

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The Inventor renderings and animations, in particular, were enthusiastically received by everyone within the company, but also by the customers.

Serafin Illera

Engineering Manager - Goudsche Machinefabriek

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Opting for Inventor

For some time, GMF has been working on the implementation of Inventor, to realize the many benefits of 3D CAD. Serafin Illera, engineering department manager, talks about this decision and explains: 'It is still a typical family company, owned by the Hupkes family. It also still has all the associated positive attributes: concern for the employees and the social aspect. We intend to keep it that way.'

Illera adds: 'The engineering department consists of twelve employees, primarily mechanical engineers and a few electrical engineers. We worked in 2D with LogoCAD, but two years ago we heard that the company had stopped developing it. At that time, we had already been familiarizing ourselves with 3D for a while, and we compared a number of packages, including Inventor. The engineers performed this review because they're the ones who have to work with it. Inventor was chosen because it is so widely used; many suppliers work with it. This is how we came into contact with Cadac Group.

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From 2D to 3D

The following were the most important reasons for switching to 3D: Our intention with the switch was to simplify making changes. Changes made to 2D models do not transfer when they are combined with other drawings, but they are with a 3D model; we have highly complicated sheet-metal work, and this was nearly impossible to continue doing with 2D due to the intricate shapes and surfaces; we still had to outsource the Finite Element Analysis, and we preferred to do that in house; and the fourth reason involved the motivation of the employees; they found it much more enjoyable and challenging to work in 3D. We had already developed our own software for Product Data Management (PDM); each company has its own wishes and requirements in that field. We're also developing our own new PDM software, so that it fits our business perfectly. 


Better understanding

'Now Inventor is being used to everyone's satisfaction for sheet-metal work, analyses, and calculations, as well as the renderings and animations which the sales department uses. The renderings and animations, in particular, were enthusiastically received by everyone within the company, but also by the customers We are still selective: what is not possible in 2D can be done in Inventor. By the end of the year, it will be fully integrated throughout the company. Our engineers have completed their training at Cadac, and, with support from Cadac, the implementation has gone well so far.

Illera has one thing to add: 'A clear advantage of the new method is the clash detection. When components begin to touch each other, this is immediately detected. This prevents you from encountering changes at a later stage that are difficult to implement.'

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