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Sustainable Energy for All

Document Control Solution on SharePoint Online made easy

energySEA supports the integration and higher penetration of renewable energy such as wind farms and solar through providing power quality equipment enhancing grid stability and energy storage.

Optimising business outcomes by enhancing electrical networks, reducing losses and making energy consumption more efficient.

An Australian clean tech company, partnering with leading manufacturers globally, energySEA supplies proven brands of energy transmission and distribution products with Australian based Engineering, Project Management and Construction. Whether in the grid or in an industrial environment, supporting customers through individualised technical support and advanced products.


SharePoint Online | Office 365

Although being a powerful cloud platform for document and record management, it takes in-depth knowledge of SharePoint | Office365 as well as a broad understanding of the business, to get the ultimate value out of it.

energySEA and Cadac Group work closely together, in a lean and iterative process, to achieve a scalable and easy to use Document Control Solution.

“Cadac Organice TaskForce helps us manage the complete round trip of our project documentation” says Anthony Johnston, managing director of energySEA. “From incoming documents, internal document lifecycle to outgoing transmittals. And back again…”

Employing engineers as business consultants, the people of Cadac Group speak the same language as we do. They take the time to understand our business, vastly reducing the time it takes to get it right and setting us up for growth

Anthony Johnston

Managing Director - energySEA


Cadac Organice TaskForce Document Control

The Cadac Organice TaskForce solution provides energySEA with an easy to use process to check incoming documents against an automated document register. Documents may be numbered following the business naming convention using the TaskForce app, before being imported into the relevant business function SharePoint libraries.

Imported documents, as well as internal authored documents, all benefit from the automated revision control. The document register ensures there is no debate which documents are current revisions, or have been superseded. This makes it easy to find the current documents, to up rev or send out per transmittal.

The solution is simple

The solution allows a user to create a new draft or to export to PDF at the click of a button. Sending out transmittals to partners, vendors, sub-contractors and clients has never been easier. The system keeps a full audit trail of what went out, when and to who and what came back. Integrated dashboards allow users to dice and slice to find the information they need. Both from an outgoing transmittal, as well as a per document perspective.


Office 365 Integration

The solution integrates seamlessly with the best Office 365 has to offer. Access is managed through Teams which also provides a platform for communication, project emails are delivered to the dedicated project email address in Outlook.

Notes are centrally stored per project utilising OneNote. OneDrive gives the users the ability to work on CAD files as well as other documents offline in geographical remote areas with poor or no internet.


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