Elizabeth River Crossings

Thanks to Cadac Organice DCS everyone on the project knows the status of submittals, reviews, approvals, and their deliverables.

About the project

Sole-purpose organization
Elizabeth River Crossings OpCo (ERC) is a sole-purpose organization developed to finance, deliver, operate and maintain the Elizabeth River Tunnels Project. The Virginia based company employs over 120 people dedicated to the success of this project.

Sponsored by 2 teams
In addition to these employees, ERC is sponsored by two infrastructure development and management teams, Skanska Infrastructure Development and Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA), who provide additional financial strength, proven public-private partnership (P3) experience, and technical and operational excellence.

Subcontracting the designbuild
ERC has subcontracted the designbuild work to a joint venture of Skanska USA Civil Southeast and Kiewit Construction Company and Weeks Marine. The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) transferred the operations and maintenance of the Elizabeth River Tunnels to ERC in July of 2012 for a term of 58 years. However, VDOT oversees the project and maintains ownership rights.

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We’ve been very happy with Cadac Organice. It often feels as though we are creating and developing processes for the first time. However, the team at Cadac Group brought a wealth of experience and played a crucial role in shaping the functionalities and capabilities of the system. Without their expertise, I do not think we would have envisioned or implemented a system with the level of success we’ve experienced to date.

Doran Bosso

ERC Compliance & Liaison Officer - Elizabeth River Crossings

Advantages of Cadac Organice for ERC

USP Overview


Improved document tracking.

USP Batch processing

Batch processing

Ability to store, track, and transfer complex & extensive volume of documentation.

USP Powerful workflows

Powerful workflows

Customized workflows.

Project Requirements

on a development phase alone, ERC was clear they needed a system in place and they had a pretty good idea of what they required. With the requirement to deliver a $2 billion roadway tunnel to their client, ERC needed an information management solution that would enable them to communicate effectively with the design-build joint venture, other subcontractors, and VDOT. This system had to be capable of storing, submitting, tracking, and transferring extensive amounts of documents between all the involved parties.

Most importantly they required customized work flows to minimize the time and inefficiency of manual sorting and logging. They also required the ability to track and provide real time information on the status of documents and/or designs for reviews and submittals. Having a system that would keep the project on task and on schedule was critical – missed deadlines or lost documentation were mistakes they could not afford to make

Elizabeth River Tunnels Project Overview


The choice for SharePoint as a platform

Like many companies, ERC began investigating options using a combination of e-mail and Microsoft SharePoint. While they liked the idea of using SharePoint, they remained skeptical that this combination alone would be capable of effectively handling the enormous amount of documentation and large files required for the project, especially with such a big staff and the involvement of several entities. So they continued on their search for something better.

Realizing that VDOT had chosen Cadac Organice DCS, they decided to look into the capabilities. Ultimately, it was decided that Cadac Organice DCS would fulfill all of their requirements while also providing them with the ability to leverage the SharePoint platform that they preferred.

Total control of the documentation

Elizabeth River Crossings is extremely happy with their decision. With training and a well-developed road map, user adaption has been good. Cadac Group offers support to those that have questions; and everyone recognizes the value of the solution and uses it regularly. Everyone on the project knows the status of submittals, reviews, approvals, and their deliverables.

The workflow ensures that all documentation is on-time and accounted for - ERC is happy to report that among the vast amount of documentation, they have never lost a document. Users are happy because their email boxes remain uncluttered with large files and they do not have to worry about anything being missed in the abyss of too many emails. However, according to ERC the best part of their decision was the peace of mind they received in the experience of working with the Cadac Group team.

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