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Microsoft SharePoint is the perfect cooperation platform for more effective document administration, smarter collaboration on projects, paperless meetings, and better knowledge sharing. But how can you ensure that employees in a relatively complex organizational structure will actually use the new platform? e-office collaborated with Dura Vermeer to develop a clear adoption strategy and a people-focused approach which would simplify the roll-out of SharePoint within the organization.

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When introducing SharePoint to the organization, don’t talk about all SharePoint’s functionalities, but take things step by step and respond to the motives of people and the organization.

Hans Aalbers

ICT Director - Dura Vermeer

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Information and knowledge accessible to everyone

“Dura Vermeer has a ‘Microsoft unless’ policy. We believe in the integration of IT solutions, and the Microsoft portfolio is well suited to this. We wanted a platform that was easy to connect to external solutions, would enable smarter collaboration within projects, and would make documents and knowledge more accessible, so the decision to go with Microsoft SharePoint was an easy one.” SharePoint is now the foundation for the interactive cooperation platform SAM and the project-driven platform Cadac Organice.

Collaborating on projects
“SharePoint is very good at facilitating projects. We have given our SharePoint environment an extra layer, Cadac Organice. Cadac Organice supports the formal process of project organization (things like document management and project planning) for the Infrastructure and Construction divisions.”

Finding knowledge faster

“SharePoint enables you to make knowledge accessible within the organization more quickly. Knowledge stored in documents, as well as the knowledge inside the minds of our employees, must be accessible with little effort. Both Cadac Organice and the cooperation platform SAM are geared towards this.” SAM is Dura Vermeer’s interactive intranet and includes various publication sites, department sites, and team sites.

Approach to adoption

“Of course the implementation of a new cooperation platform requires that the employees adopt it. But we didn’t realize that the adoption of new technology was so crucial to the success of the platform. We found that out during the implementation process. I was attending an e-office meeting about SharePoint user adoption. We found their way of thinking and people-oriented approach [based in part on Michael Sampson’s theory - Ed.] appealing. For instance, e-office suggests selecting those adoption tools which are most appealing to your organization.”

“We developed a standard approach per operating company, consisting of:

  1. Roadshow: We explain why we are going to collaborate digitally and establish the goals for the operating company.
  2. Kick-off project: This is designed by the platform’s key users, the members of the board, and the project leader via e-office. Within this kick-off project we start with an implementation plan consisting of training courses, site set-ups, a migration plan, and ‘trainers on location’.

Each operating company can work out the details of the standard approach as it sees fit. For instance, Infrastructure has a need for additional ‘trainers on location’.”


Training on the work floor

These ‘trainers on location’ are a powerful tool to aid in the acceptance of the new working environment. “We have seen that employees are open to working with SAM and Cadac Organice but that it’s not until after a training session that they really get enthusiastic. But gradually, as employees start regularly working with SharePoint, they can get slightly annoyed by it. They have to let go of their old, comfortable way of working and invest in learning new working methods, and that costs time and patience. Having a ‘trainer on location’ can make a huge difference in this regard. They proactively provide advice as to how employees can work smarter, and they respond to questions immediately.”

The success of apps
‘Killer apps’ are also a good stimulus for adoption. “Dura Vermeer’s goal is to work as close to paper-free as possible, and the SharePoint meeting app is the most popular app within the organization.”

Lessons learned

“We’re well on schedule with the roll-out for SAM and Cadac Organice, and we expect everything to be complete by the end of this year.

The project is taking more time and energy than I had expected. But the lesson I’ve learned for the introduction of SharePoint is not to focus blindly on the tool’s many functionalities to the exclusion of everything else, but to take things step by step and to respond to the motives of people and the organization. For instance, the intranet will be interactive, we’re going to be able to share documents with each other more efficiently, and we’re going to share knowledge and we’ll tell you how.”

Bron: http://www.e-office.com


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