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Versatile and innovative
Dura Vermeer is a versatile and innovative construction and infrastructure company – one of the big players in the Dutch construction business. Dura Vermeer is actively involved in construction and real estate, infrastructure, consulting and service. The construction and property division develops and executes Dura Vermeer projects for home- and utility-construction.

Research and development
With more than 30 subsidiaries, Dura Vermeer has a presence throughout the country, close to the customers and knowledgeable of the local market. The subsidiaries operate mostly independent and where possible and required in an integral approach. Dura Vermeer’s research and development allows the company to open new horizons

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Cadac Organice fits in our ambition and strategy for a paper-less office.

Mark ter Hark

Chief Financial Officer - Dura Vermeer Bouw & Vastgoed

Main benefits

Cadac Organice Suite offers Dura Vermeer much advantages:

USP Up-to-date


User access to the most recent documents.

USP Less mistakes

Less mistakes

Avoid costly mistakes.

USP Scalable


SharePoint is very scalable.

USP Easy to use

Easy to use

User interface similar to Microsoft Office.

USP Search capabilities

Search capabilities

The built-in search capability of SharePoint Portal Server.

USP Visibility


The document management functionality makes the exchange of documents clearly visible.

Made by Dura Vermeer

Grote en gecompliceerde bouwprojecten

Due to the nature of their business Dura Vermeer manages many projects at the site. Construction projects have many participants: Dura Vermeer employees and external companies, like sub-contractors, architects, and suppliers. Dura Vermeer has many large construction projects for which suitable planning and execution of activities are mandatory.

During the project cycle a large number of diverse documents are assembled into a project dossier. These documents are paper or digital, from Word and Excel to CAD drawings. Mark ter Hark, CFO Dura Vermeer: “During construction document exchange between participants happens constantly. Due to the many parties involved, it is of crucial importance to manage this exchange process. Participant must always have the latest version of construction drawings to prevent costly mistakes.”

Need for document management

The need arose at Dura Vermeer for a software package to properly manage the document flow within projects. All documents needed to be available at a central location including version control. It was also required to link to the existing ERP system for relevant project data. Finally, ease of use and integration with the existing office suite were a must. Ter Hark: “Such a system has to have the capability to register incoming documents, monitor where the documents are going and when they are returned. Cadac Group appeared to have the best solution for these requirements with their Cadac Organice product.”

Cadac Organice coordinates document flow

Cadac Organice, developed by Cadac Group, is a Document Management System utilizing the functionality of SharePoint Services.

Cadac Organice records the drawings and document flow, generates subsequent tasks, and monitors compliance. The document registration module in Cadac Organice coordinates the document flow en the management of CAD drawings. Ben Spreen: “Because of the SharePoint technology this version of Cadac Organice is extremely suitable for organizations that are deployed at many locations. The SharePoint environment also integrates very well with the Office Suite. This provides intuitive use, and also contributes to a fast deployment of Cadac Organice in the daily PC use of employees.”


700 gebruikers

Dura Vermeer used a “road show” approach for all subsidiaries to launch the new system. Ter Hark: “The availability of the data is of such crucial importance that we installed Cadac Organice servers in each branch office. The scalability of SharePoint makes this a great fit.” After a short introduction period this system is currently used by 700 users.

Very scalable

The system integrates fully with the Office Suite because Cadac Organice functions as an extension of SharePoint. Ter Hark: “The application interface is very familiar to the user and therefore fits perfectly with the daily activities and available computer knowledge. The document management functionality makes the exchange of documents clearly visible, while our IT department can make sure that participants will work with the most current document.” When a project is completed it does not disappear in a filing cabinet.

Ben Spreen: “The project dossier is archived after completion of the project and made available for future reference in SharePoint Portal Server.” The portal has very good search capabilities contrary to Services. This functionality is not required at the project level and therefore SharePoint Services is sufficient.” Ter Hark adds: “We are very satisfied. The system handles many different document types and is very scalable. The product costs are good in relation to the provided functionality.”


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