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Damen Dredging Equipment in Nijkerk, which designs and builds dredging equipment, was looking for more control in its design process. Whenever a company is choosing new software like a CAD or PDM system, any help is very welcome, especially when the software in question is completely new to the user. Because the Cadac Group has done so many projects like this, it has standardized just such an implementation with Cadac Organice Vault.

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We implemented Autodesk Vault with Cadac Organice Vault in June 2009, and we have never looked back.

Ewout van Duursen

Research Engineer / CAD-manager - Damen Dredging Equipment

Damen Dredging Introduction

In-house development

The company had long used AutoCAD for all its design work, but only in 2D. “We ultimately moved to 3D, like so many others, for all the same reasons,” explains Van Duursen. “We now have 12 workstations with Autodesk Inventor and another four with AutoCAD packages.

For the management and control of the design process, we did extensive research into Product Data Management systems that could replace or supplement our existing 2D management system. In the end we went for Autodesk PDM, for which we now have 12 licenses.

PDM Best Practice

Originally, the idea was to set up the architecture myself. But between my research and engineering duties, there wasn't enough time. So in our search for solutions, we were of course talking with the Cadac Group, and they proposed their NXT Vault solution.” NXT Vault is a software package developed by the Cadac Group.

It is a standardized PDM functionality combined with a method for setting up the software quickly based on standard configurations. These standard configurations, the best practices, are carefully compiled based on the Cadac Group's extensive experiences with its customers. Virtually any customer can get started right away with the Cadac Organice Vault standard configuration.

Damen RoRo Deep Dredge

Not jumping in with both feet

Van Duursen continues: "First, we had an ‘awareness meeting’ to get the future users up to speed on the concept of Product Data Management and NXT Vault, and to help them understand the necessity and the advantages of PDM. We then had a ‘live experience’, or hands-on session, so we could already start seeing how it would all work. As part of this we had a server configured for us at the office. I should point out that at that stage we hadn't even bought a single license! So you can see that we were definitely not jumping in with both feet."


Time-savings and more collaboration

Damen Dredging Equipment made the decision to start using NXT Vault as an early adopter in February 2009. The first version was built for Inventor 2009 and AutoCAD 2009. That was the version that has been used at Damen Dredging Equipment, but soon they will be switching to Inventor 2010 with NXT Vault. When that happens, the present configuration needs to be migrated exactly, and it has to work just as it did before, without any manual interventions.

“Autodesk PDM with NXT Vault has already given us the time-savings we were looking for in the engineering environment, but we also have a lot of other parties who have to be able to view the models or the design status," says Van Duursen. "For them, there is an Office client available, or they can use a free viewer that accesses all released engineering information and works with integrated viewers for a number of viewables, including 3D DWF."

Proactive problem-solving

Ewout van Duursen: "We implemented Autodesk PDM Professional with Cadac Organice Vault in June 2009, and we have never looked back. That's not to say that there has never been a single problem, or that our needs did not change at all as time went on, but when there's a fast and adequate response to your requests, that's all that matters. And with the standard configurations, it's easy for the Cadac Group to take solutions for problems that arise with one client and proactively implement them for others."


More focus on core tasks

Damen Dredging Equipment's experience shows that NXT Vault is an excellent way to leverage and manage CAD and PDM efficiently, particularly with the option to interface with ERP.

With the knowledge and experience the developers of the Cadac Group have put into NXT Vault, the package represents a usable solution for many companies seeking to get away from endless implementations and maintenance and save more time for their core tasks. The concept behind NXTdim, which leaves open the option for further expansion of functionality, ensures that the investment will continue to pay off in the long term.

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