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The company in the chemical industry (that wishes to remain anonymous) has nearly 4,000 employees worldwide and directs the operation of eight manufacturing plants on five continents. Among the principal assets is a world-class manufacturing complex. It is by any standards a tough place to work. As part of the high standards that it operates within the company needed to upgrade their EDMS (Engineering Document Management System) to reflect the new corporate standard of Microsoft Office SharePoint. After a thorough investigation Cadac Organice came out on top as the system of choice.

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Cadac Group is very competitive and professional in their execution of projects, they constantly keep an eye on the ball and always seem to be a step ahead of our though process.

IT Project Manager


Main advantages

USP Improved collaboration

Improved collaboration

Improved collaboration between the drawing office and maintenance.

USP Integration


Integrated with the Corporate ECM system.

USP Controlled distribution

Controlled distribution

Controlled distribution of information for maintenance.


Plant maintenance

The engineering department was already used to working with an EDMS system. The company decided that Microsoft SharePoint would become the new corporate standard for collaboration and improved business processes. Ideally, the new system should be able to integrate with Microsoft SharePoint in order to lower the total cost of ownership for IT. As part of the technical requirements the system needed to integrate with Microsoft SharePoint, Autodesk AutoCAD, provide a powerful search engine and accommodate automatic renditions in DWF and PDF for the maintenance engineers.

One of the CAD Designers: ”With Cadac Organice we now have a single point of entry for all our drafts people. After a major check-in, the updated files are automatically made available in PDF and DWF. With the old system, files had to be moved to a dedicated PC to make them available for our maintenance engineers. Something that proved to be of huge value was the flexibility of the system. Microsoft SharePoint is a very flexible tool that allows prototyping and constant communication with the end user group. Within a matter of days they were able to see how the system was progressing and actually actively participated with the development.”

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Virtual implementation project team

The whole implementation is done remotely with people on multiple continents. Specific expertise was used from the Dutch headquarters of Cadac Group and more generic expertise was done with business consultants from Cadac Group Americas. Also the customer’s team included people from different locations. After a complete implementation the group of about 10 people has never seen each other.

Cadac Organice helps the plant to better control the engineering data and improves the controlled distribution of engineering data to maintenance engineers. With Cadac Organice and Microsoft SharePoint, people now have 24x7 access to engineering data with something as simple as an internet connection. The added functionality of Microsoft SharePoint allows people to use modern technology as RSS feeds and email notifications to be actively updated on any changes that occur inside the plant.


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