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Housing for companies and institutions
BAM Utiliteitsbouw develops and builds housing for companies and institutions in all market segments, including large projects, like stadiums, offices and hospitals. Wilfred van Woudenberg is working for the department Building IT at BAM Advies & Engineering, Cees Rens is Manager ICT and Jacco Elberse, working at the Division Large Projects at BAM Utiliteitsbouw bv, is acting as a bridge between ICT and construction activities.

Project Radboud hospital
BAM Utiliteitsbouw bv uses Cadac Organice for the Radboud hospital project. Cadac Organice will improve the document availability, both internal as well as for project partners, and will make it easier for all users to access the project information of their need.

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Supporting the collaboration defines for a large part the value of Cadac Organice.

Wilfred van Woudenberg

Bouwinformatica - BAM Advies & Engineering

Voordelen van Cadac Organice voor BAM Utiliteitsbouw

USP All documents are accessible

All documents are accessible

Also for project partners.

USP User friendly

User friendly

Easy searching, sorting, grouping, filtering and selecting
based on metadata.

USP Visual


Visual folder structure provides guidance to users.

USP Metadata


E-mails can be retrieved based on metadata and content.

USP Clear insights

Clear insights

Immediate and clear insight in the status of documents.

USP View and compare drawings

View and compare drawings

View and compare drawings easily with the viewer.

Phased approach

Jacco Elberse explains that they first considered another project for the pilot: “When that was cancelled, we thought about the University Medical Center St. Radboud. A project that takes 3 years and that will largely expand the hospital. To give an impression of the size: 7 project planners and 7 construction companies are involved and two hospital buildings will be built with a central entrance.”

Special to the Radboud project is the phased approach. This is due to the fact that the new buildings connect to the current buildings, where people have to continue to work. During construction work, all cables and other connections should be kept operational or temporary redirected.

Elberse: “The last couple of years we are transferring from paper to digital. Until recently paper was leading, but now digital files are leading. To manage the paperwork we were using a Document Registration System, but we also need to centrally archive and manage the digital files, because we are working with different versions, we have e-mail en many people are working on the same project. Therefore we need to define good rules for archiving.”


Everyone very enthusiastic

Cadac Organice is based on Microsoft SharePoint. The fact that BAM was already using Microsoft, made it easier to implement. Elberse: “It did not take BAM long to conclude that we needed a Document Management System for projects. We deliberately started a pilot project instead of trying to work out every detail. By starting a pilot, you are able to test the essence of the solution.”

Rens: “We needed a project with an extremely large data stream. We also needed full cooperation from the Radboud project team, because in a pilot you can always bump into hurdles, and this is going fine. Everyone has full confidence and is very enthusiastic.”

Search, sort, group, filter and select

“Cadac Organice is using metadata linked to documents. Based on the metadata you can search, sort, filter, group and select documents, which makes it very flexible. By only using a folder or tree structure, you often do not find everything you need since everyone is entering data in their own way.” Rens: ”We immediately took a large project for the pilot to make it a serious test. The folder structure is visually present and users like this because it gives them guidance. Searching documents goes well with Cadac Organice. If you saved an e-mail to a project, you can both retrieve it based on the metadata as well as on the content.”

Drawing errors

Elbers: “The Radboud project was already started and was using an Access database to register the paper documents and distribution, but the digital data did not fit in. Now we also have clear reports on the status of documents like “approved” and “response received”. Through the Cadac Organice viewer we can compare drawings and see immediately what has been changed and what the differences are. It is also immediately clear if the drawing contains errors and what they are.”

BAM Utiliteitsbouw has derived her market position from knowledge, insight and experience in the full lifecycle of buildings. This added value shows to its full advantage when BAM is early involved in a project. “Early” is the essence of their brand, because early involvement brings optimal return to their clients. The earlier their involvement, the bigger the achieved benefits due to the way of thinking, the knowledge of development and the expertise in building. Therefore the slogan: think, develop, build. A developing builder should be early involved. And that is BAM Utiliteitsbouw, also in using Cadac Organice.


Collaboration with project partners

Elberse: “In next projects we will start the collaboration with project partners in Cadac Organice. Supporting the collaboration with partners like owners, clients, architects, engineers, construction companies and suppliers, defines for a large part the value of your internal platform.” Van Woudenberg: “With SharePoint and Cadac Organice we look forward with confidence to this step and the integration with BIM services.”

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