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The Groninger Forum

Sensational building
In 2017, the Groninger Forum will open its doors to the public. This grand opening will mark the end of a sensational urban development intervention in the city centre of Groningen, which included the renovation of the east side of the Grote Markt Square, the construction of a new town square, and the Forum itself. The Groninger Forum will usher in a contemporary new form of cultural enjoyment. It will offer a central location for information, inspiration, and entertainment, and an ideal meeting place for people of all ages.

What will the Forum offer?
This striking building will be open seven days a week for national and international exhibitions, films, documentaries, debates, literary events, talk shows, presentations, and manifestations about the world we live in. The building will house the Groningen Library, Images Cinema, Nederlands Stripmuseum (comic strip museum), Dwarsdiep debate centre, and the Volksuniversiteit (people's university). The top floor will feature a sky lounge with a restaurant and a roof terrace with an open-air cinema and a panoramic view of the city. The building will also have a spacious underground parking garage for cars and bicycles.

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The 3D objects in the model are subject to high standards. The objective is to create an LOD 500 model. This means the BIM model must include all necessary data upon completion to facilitate maintenance and management during the operations phase of the project.

Kees Braber

BIM modeller - BAM Techniek

A different experience with Revit MEP

Using Revit MEP to create a multifunctional cultural hotspot in Groningen's historic city centre was an entirely new experience for Kees Braber. Kees used to be an electrical engineering draughter but now works for BAM Techniek as a BIM modeller for the Groninger Forum. This 34,000 m2 new-build project will dramatically change the aesthetic of the Grote Markt Square in Groningen.

Kees is currently working on the four-storey underground parking garage, which houses the electrical installations for the lifting equipment. 'We no longer use 2D symbols on a flat drawing, which I was used to doing in AutoCAD. Instead, we use 3D BIM objects with the manufacturer's specifications,' explains Kees. 'These 3D objects help us build the entire virtual model of the Forum building. I use Autodesk's 3D modeller programme Revit MEP and Cadac Flexline by Cadac Group.'

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High standards

'The 3D objects in the model are subject to high standards,' says Kees. 'The objective is to create a model at LOD 500 scale. This means the BIM model must include all necessary data upon completion to facilitate maintenance and management during the operations phase of the project. The 3D models can't be overly detailed, but have to be detailed enough to give the client an impression of what to expect.'

BAM Speciale Technieken maakt de fundering voor het Groninger Forum

Quick start with Revit Families

Cadac Group consultant Robert Klempau is currently helping BAM Techniek set up Revit Families. 'Robert applies his years of experience and expertise in the field of installation technology to help us make these objects. His help has been invaluable!' says Kees. 'When modelling the families, he takes into account the user-friendliness for the modeller and the right parameters in Revit Families so we can add the right data to the objects.'


Uniform 3D models

Robert is also making sure the 3D models align with the Uniform Object Library, in accordance with ETIM classifications. Revit Families should be constructed in such a way that the manufacturer's data can be entered directly into the models, then validated and expanded with data from the maintenance phase.

The next step in the BIM modelling process is to install the switches, which will incorporate all data for the planning and logistics departments. 'I hope that manufacturers of switches and light fixtures will join ABB and Attema in taking responsibility for BIM and delivering BIM objects, preferably in a uniform way according to agreements, so information is easy to exchange.'

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Rendering visualizations in the cloud

In addition to getting help setting up the necessary Revit Families, Kees is also receiving Revit MEP tips & tricks to make the modelling process faster and more efficient. The same applies to lighting impressions in the building.

'As lighting information was added to the 3D Revit Families and materials were linked to architectural objects, we were able to get an impression of what the lighting would look like at an early stage,' says Kees. 'These were more than just pretty pictures: they were 360° panoramic images. I used the Autodesk 360 Cloud Rendering functionality, which my computer could easily handle while I continued to work in Revit MEP.'

RTVOOG Groninger Forum

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