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Attema is an ambitious developer and manufacturer of innovative solutions. These can be classified into the following market segments: installation, construction, infrastructure, and special products. Attema is supported by a strong and motivated team of highly-qualified professionals. These individuals encourage each other to keep pushing their limits, and they are given every opportunity to develop themselves.

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Attema employees know better than anybody what is going on in the market because they listen well to their customers. These listening skills continue to result in products that surprise and that have a clear added value for the customer. Combined with efficient logistics and a personal service touch, this translates into maximum customer satisfaction.

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With the new BIM database, installation materials can be processed with a few simple mouse clicks.



Good collaboration is essential for the most efficient project completion. Activities need to be carefully coordinated to avoid unnecessary delays, additional costs, and irritation on both sides. Coordination is necessary for everyone to know where they stand at any particular moment, and to be able to complete their work according to schedule.

In this framework, the use of Building Information Model (BIM) is on the rise. BIM is a valuable tool not only for the design and construction phases, but it also provides practical guidance when it comes to maintenance and management.

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Central model

With projects implemented according to the BIM method, all stakeholders work with the same exact digital parameters, drawings, calculations, and information. This information is bundled into a central or 'model' file, thus effectively removing an important breeding ground for misunderstandings and mistakes. At all times, everyone can immediately see where potential problems can be expected and whether all of the rules are being complied with. Specific models and calculations are always based on data from the central file. This file also contains all of the required ingredients to produce the most realistic 3D presentations.


Attema - Vernieuwende ideeën voor een veranderende wereld

Significantly reduced failure costs

Within Attema the value of BIM was already recognized at an early stage. With this approach, projects are being better prepared on a structural basis – and that quickly results in a substantial reduction of the failure costs while it also indirectly contributes to better planning (in keeping with the lean philosophy). So it is natural that BIM is going to be embraced by more and more commissioning parties and companies in the construction sector. Recognizing this potential, Attema collaborated with Cadac Group to develop a separate database that contained practically every existing installation material, but digitized in a special BIM-compatible format.

With this new database, Attema makes it extra easy to add all the installation materials to any Building Information Model with a few simple mouse clicks – entirely in 3D, complete with all the product characteristics, part numbers, and deep links to 2BA. Those who want to use it can download the database from the website in minutes via the redesigned website: Furthermore, the digitized installation materials from Attema can also easily be imported in from Cadac Group's extensive database.

Leader in BIM applications

With more than 30 years of experience in building automation, Cadac Group is a respected partner throughout the building chain. The in-house specialists within the architecture, engineering & construction division speak the market's language and understand its dynamics.

Cadac Group take on a truly pioneering role, especially when it comes to the implementation of BIM applications. No one else comes even close to Cadac Group's position as market leader in Autodesk Revit software for BIM applications in the Netherlands. Autodesk Revit software also supports TheModus, the online BIM platform that was developed in house. This allows you to reuse the existing information from the Revit model to automate a wide variety of time-consuming and error-prone transactions. This eventually results in even smarter collaborations and further reductions in failure costs.

Attema - Compact Fiber Dome

Attema - Nieuwe generatie centraaldozen

Proof of concept for exchanging content

To optimally use BIM, it is of course important that all content be uniformly interchangeable. Cadac Group has also taken the lead in this.

With its recently introduced 'Proof of Concept,' Cadac Group has proven that manufacturers can add geometrical data, which is in compliance with the ETIM standard, to a central database like 2BA. Soon it will be possible to validate and revalidate all of the objects in a BIM model at any time. Yet one more reason why Attema consciously chose to work with the progressive specialists at Cadac Group.

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