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Noise control, vibration insulation and space acoustics

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Noise control
Everybody likes sound, like in music or movies. But when it becomes noise, it becomes a nuisance. The steady hum of the nearby freeway or the rumbles of the neighbor’s remodeling project are just a couple of examples. Chances are there’s a system or piece of equipment near you that generates noise without you even knowing it, thanks to noise control measures. Noise control is Alara Lukagro’s business. Alara Lukagro relies on Digital Prototyping with Autodesk Inventor and NXTdim Inventor in the design phase.

From auto body shop to noise control
The Schilt brothers went into business together in 1964 as an auto body shop in the town of Groot-Ammers in their native Holland. They proved to be so handy with sheet metal that local companies started asking them if they could make air conduits for nonresidential construction, too, and the company Lukagro (Luchtkanalen Groot-Ammers) was born. Later, after the takeover by Alara (As Low As Reasonably Achievable), dampening the noise in those air conduits became one of their business activities. Although they ultimately stopped producing air conduits, the name Alara Lukagro remains. 

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The high degree of automation of the design process with Cadac NXTdim Suite makes it possible to work very efficiently, even for small quantities.

André Roodnat

Projectmanager - Alara Lukagro

Noise control, vibration insulation and space acoustics

Project manager André Roodnat explains about the products, their development, and the role of CAD in that development. “You can break our activities down into a few main groups: noise control, vibration insulation and space acoustics. In terms of engineering, our biggest job is in noise control. You can try to stop noise by using sound dampers or simply closing off the system very well. Our product range includes sound-insulating cabinets and doors, sound dampers and sound-absorbing ventilation grids.

You can say something specific about each of these products, but one thing we can say about all of them right up front is that in fact you can’t make them anymore without 3D CAD; for one thing, the client will generally ask for the smallest possible cabinet to go around a system.

And it’s safe to say you can only make that accurately and efficiently using a 3D model, which is what we use Autodesk Inventor for. We can also say that aesthetic aspects often play a role in our customers’ decision-making, and so the 3D visualizations are an important part of getting the proposal accepted.”

NXTdim workflow for Inventor

“A whole lot of the additional tasks in the process following the design have been automated,” continues Roodnat. “For example, the DXF output for all sheet metal parts is automatically generated in Inventor and then assigned a POS number in AutoCAD, which is then engraved on that part.

We achieved this far-reaching level of automation in close collaboration with our vendor, the Cadac Group. The Cadac Group used NXTdim Inventor to get us there. This is a standardized workflow for Autodesk Inventor that includes handy Tools for Inventor, a Content Center and Inventor Support.


Autodesk Vaul for Document Managemen

Along with the many advantages that 3D Digital Prototyping offers, there are a number of issues involved, including a dramatic increase in the amount of data within the organization. To stay on top of this huge amount of design data, Alara Lukagro uses Autodesk Vault.


Use of Autodesk software and NXTdim Inventor prove crucial

All in all, it is clear that the use of advanced software has proven crucial. On the one hand, it solves engineering problems so that more complex projects can be executed, and on the other, the high degree of automation of the design process makes it possible to work very efficiently, even for small quantities.

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