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Cadac. Enabling digital.

The way you design, build and operate is changing radically. Digitisation is in full swing in the manufacturing industry, construction and government. Our experts help you embrace this digital transformation. We enable you to enter a new phase of growth. So that you are ready for the future. Whatever it brings.

As one of the most respected resellers of Autodesk products in the world, we want you to get the most out of Autodesk applications. That is why we develop powerful BIM, Product Data Management and Microsoft SharePoint based Engineering Collaboration solutions. We do this with the help of our add-on product suites: Cadac Organice Suite, Cadac NXTdim Suite, Cadac TheModus Suite and related applications.

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We translate your objectives into a structured and manageable process.

Jan Baggen Chief Executive Officer - Cadac Group Holding Jan Baggen

Specialised business units that know your market

Our experts understand what you need for digitising your most important design, build and operational processes. Because we specifically focus on 6 industries:

All our solutions come from your ambitions. They form the basis for the roadmap or digital agenda with which your organisation will soon be able to make the difference. We also help you to realise that agenda. We do this according to a clear and manageable step-by-step plan. Our proven and reliable best practices ensure fast and smooth implementations.

In addition to industry-specific knowledge, we are able to deliver affordable and reliable software solutions through our excellent position as an Autodesk Platinum Partner. It makes us competitive in price and convenience through our ground-breaking Cadac Store. We especially add value in the innovative applications and additional software solutions that we develop ourselves based on Microsoft Azure and Sharepoint.

We add 32 years of experience to your projects

We work with one of Autodesk's largest suppliers in Europe. We have over thirty years of experience in optimising all your processes that come into contact with digital design information. In those years, we have developed thousands of solutions that enable companies like you to design, build and operate even more efficiently.

Our consultants and engineers are all experienced in your industry. This experience translates into powerful, customer-specific and affordable solutions where we think carefully how each solution fits into the digital landscape that is needed to achieve your goals. But where we also pursue your goals in the most efficient way. This minimises your failure risk and costs.


We focus on our customers’ needs

At Cadac Group, we pride ourselves on our overriding customer focus: every solution we develop stems from a customer need. We apply our extensive experience of implementing solutions for organisations across our core industries to create best-of-breed systems that maximize our clients’ project efficiency.

We currently provide services for large international clients, including:

  • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction
    Mourik Groot-Ammers, BAM Techniek, Dura Vermeer, BAM Utiliteitsbouw, Mombarg Beton, Louis Scheepers, and Van der Sluis Technische Bedrijven.
  • Manufacturing
    Damen Dredging Equipment, Hytrans Systems, Stork Food & Dairy Systems, Howden Thomassen Compressors, De Boer Structures, and Fontijne Grotnes.
  • Process, Power, and Marine
    Teck, Koniambo Nickel SAS, ABB, Visser & Smit Hanab, Vosta LMG, and Actemium.
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We cultivate strategic partnerships

Our dynamic strategic partnerships enhance the power of our solutions. Currently we partner with these important technology frontrunners:

  • Autodesk: Platinum Partner
    For more than 30 years, we have partnered with this American software leader in 3D design software for applications such as construction engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil infrastructure. Our Platinum Partner designation requires a consistent “9” or “10” on customer satisfaction – proving our commitment to excellent service. We are currently the only Platinum Partner of Autodesk in the Benelux region, one of only a handful Autodesk partners in Europe, and one of the twenty best Autodesk partners worldwide.
  • Microsoft: Gold Partner
    As a Microsoft Partner, we help you build on sound technical and business expertise. We have a specific Microsoft-based application that is very different from what our competitors can offer. Our Cadac Organice Suite, which is based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, is one of the only out-of-the-box SharePoint solutions. With this suite, creating, managing, and sharing digital files for your complex project is more efficient than ever.
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We are strong and secure

The D&B rating of Dun & Bradstreet has long been recognised worldwide as the leading predictive indicator for evaluating business risks and obtaining a warning at an early stage in the event of possible liquidity problems. D&B rates us as a fiscally strong, solid, and solvent organisation.

D&B Risk Indicator = 2
Based on a 1-4 scale, our credit risk is low.

D&B rating = 2A
Less than 5% of comparable Dutch companies have a similar 2A financial strength.

D&B failure score = 77
This is considerably stronger than the industry average.

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Our key figures

An overview of our most important figures


Our vision

Digitisation is in full swing in the manufacturing industry, construction and government. The way you design, create and use is changing radically. The Cadac experts help you embrace this digital transformation. It is, therefore, our vision to implement your digital agenda with enthusiastic experts and excellent products and services.

Your design processes are complex, so good software is a must

We believe in Autodesk and Microsoft SharePoint products. Based on these leading solutions and more than 30 years of experience in your industry, we optimise your design processes to achieve even better digital designs and more efficient document management.


Our culture makes the difference

Trustworthy, committed, smart & leading. These terms sum up well what makes us Cadac. You can count on us, we are reliable and honest. We are committed to a joint success with you, our customer. We know what is going on with developments and how you benefit from them to the maximum. And finally, we not only try to help you with growth but we also like to determine the market course for ourselves.

CAM innovations in our Cadac Lab

The emergence of new design techniques (CAD) requires new production methods (CAM). With our Digital Fabrication team, we can help you to connect CAD and CAM like no other and to apply these new design and production methods within your product development process.

The Cadac Lab has state-of-the-art equipment such as a 3D scanner, 3D printer, CNC machine and robot arm. With themes like Robotics, Additive Manufacturing, Quality Control, Generative Design and Industry 4.0, we bridge the gap between CAD and CAM.


More than 30 years of business

Cadac Group began as the CAD Advies Centrum (advisory centre) in 1986. Founder Jan Baggen was 20 at the time, and he was studying engineering at Zuyd Hogeschool (Zuyd University) in Heerlen.

In 1998, Baggen won the Manager of the Year award at the age of 32 (still the youngest winner ever). And rightly so, because under his leadership, the company grew to become an international organization with branches in Europe, the US, and Australia that has an annual turnover of approximately €30 million. Jan Baggen still lives near the headquarters in Heerlen, with his wife and three children.

NedGraphics, the market leader in digital geo-information in the Netherlands

In 2007, NedGraphics was taken over by the Cadac Group, making Cadac Group the largest provider of Autodesk digital design software in the Benelux region.

For the past 30 years, NedGraphics has been the market leader in digital geo-information, and the company helps many Dutch municipalities and other governmental authorities with the organization of our landscape. Many market players involved with rules and regulations also use the digital solutions of NedGraphics.


Cadac solutions Cadac solutions

We develop software solutions to create, manage, and share design information. Together, in very close collaboration with our users.

Our product suites:

Cadac Organice Suite

Our Cadac Organice Suite makes it easier than ever to collaborate on multidisciplinary projects.

  • Time savings & standardization
  • Better exchange of data and documents within a project
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Cadac TheModus Suite

TheModus Suite offers perfect solutions for creating, documenting, reporting, and analysing BIM models.

  • Increase productivity
  • Save time on the repetitive tasks
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Cadac NXTdim Suite

Ensure time savings, increased productivity, and fewer errors in the drawing room with the Cadac NXTdim Suite. As an Autodesk Platinum Partner, we can use our in-house knowledge to optimize your engineering process by adding ideal tools to the best design software.

  • Increase productivity
  • Save time on the repetitive tasks
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Cadac Modules Suite

Cadac Modules Suite is a revolutionary solution for the construction and production industry.

  • Minimaliseer faalkosten
  • Altijd helder inzicht in de orderstatus
  • Efficiënt werkproces met minder kans op fouten
  • In de cloud
  • Productinformatie en documentatie eenvoudig genereren en beheren
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Corporate IT Responsibility

For every activity, we focus on achieving a more efficient design process for your industry. This enables us to contribute to a faster and more efficient construction process that produces less waste and that demonstrates respect for social and environmental consequences. We view Corporate IT Responsibility as a process rather than an ultimate goal in itself. Above all, however, we view sustainable business practices as an integral part of our operations. We go even further than is legally required for our sustainable business practices. Within Corporate IT Responsibility, we focus on three pillars.

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We are cultivating three hectares of plantings at Kunderhorst, our country estate. This is enough to fully offset the CO2 emissions of our entire vehicle fleet.

Jan Baggen Chief Executive Officer - Cadac Group Holding Jan Baggen

Three pillars for a more sustainable policy

Sustainable solutions

Sustainable solutions

Sustainable business practices

Sustainable business practices

Socially involved

Socially involved


Sustainable solutions

With our industry-solutions and Cadac Organice Suite, we have a considerable asset that enables design and construction processes to proceed more efficiently with reduced failure costs and less waste. 

That is not only economically advantageous, it is also more sustainable. Owing to these solutions, project stakeholders can physically meet less often and paper consumption is dramatically reduced.

Sustainable business practices

To help you fully develop as an employee at Cadac Group, we provide you with development plans and trainings.

As an organization, we work hard every day to make our ecological footprint even smaller, through initiatives such as those to reduce paper, gas, and energy consumption in our offices and cut back on distances travelled by our personnel. At the initiative of Cadac Group sister company Landgoed Kunderhorst BV transformed 20 hectares of land into estate and included 3 hectares of new greenery close to our head office in Heerlen. This is enough to fully offset the CO2 emissions of our entire vehicle fleet.


Socially involved

It feels good to make a positive contribution to society. We do this by supporting local initiatives and charities such as War Child, WNF, Kika, and the Liliane Foundation. Our own initiatives, such as free training programmes and guest lectures for students, are also high on our agenda.

What's more, we organize BIM and Digital Prototyping events to raise awareness about how to reduce construction and failure costs and material waste.

Our organization


  • Jan Baggen

    Jan Baggen

    Chief Executive Officer

    Cadac Group Holding

  • Paul Smeets

    Paul Smeets

    Chief Technology Officer

    Cadac Group Holding

  • Astrid van de Sande

    Astrid van de Sande

    Chief Financial Officer

    Cadac Group Holding

  • John Limpens

    John Limpens

    Chief Procurement Officer

    Cadac Group Holding


  • F.J.A.M. Pistorius RA

    F.J.A.M. Pistorius RA

    Chairman of the Board

    Cadac Group Holding

  • Drs. Th. M.A.J. Verhagen

    Drs. Th. M.A.J. Verhagen

    Member of the Board

    Cadac Group Holding

  • Daan A.J. Kersten

    Daan A.J. Kersten

    Member of the Board

    Cadac Group Holding


  • Richard Goossens

    Richard Goossens

    Managing Director

    NedGraphics B.V.

  • Gert-Jan de Kieviet

    Gert-Jan de Kieviet

    Sales Director

    Cadac Group EMEA

  • Armand Pinkaarts

    Armand Pinkaarts

    Managing Director Cadac Creators

    Cadac Group Professional Resources

Product Managers

  • Leon Campsteijn

    Leon Campsteijn

    Product Manager


  • Pim Saarloos

    Pim Saarloos

    Product Manager


  • Bjorn Ramaekers

    Bjorn Ramaekers

    Product Manager

    Architecture, Engineering & Construction

  • Olaf Stöter

    Olaf Stöter

    Product Manager

    Cadac Group ISV

Autodesk Platinum Partner

By choosing Autodesk software, you are choosing a top product. By choosing Cadac Group, you are choosing one of the first and - at present - the only Platinum Partner of Autodesk in the Benelux region, and one of the twenty best partners of Autodesk worldwide, of whom only about a dozen are in Europe. This partnership is based partly on how our customers rate us. We continuously monitor client satisfaction because your feedback ensures that we can continuously improve in order to serve you even better.

  • Advanced Construction

    We have been accredited by Autodesk for the Autodesk Advanced Construction Specialization. This means we can optimally support clients in the deployment of BIM processes and can offer the best solutions for construction and installation engineering.

  • Advanced MEP

    As the first Autodesk Platinum Partner in the Benelux, Cadac Group has been accredited by Autodesk for the Autodesk Advanced MEP Specialization.

  • Building

    As a Building Specialized Partner, we offer clients optimum support in designing and implementing their BIM workflow.

  • Civil Infrastructure

    As an Autodesk Civil Infrastructure Specialized Partner, we offer clients optimum support in the implementation of infrastructure engineering and BIM design processes.

  • Process & Power

    As an Autodesk Process & Power Specialized Partner, we offer our clients the best support in the implementation of plant design for design processes.

  • Product Design & Manufacturing

    As an Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Specialized Partner, we offer clients optimum support in the implementation of digital prototyping in design processes.

  • Product Life Cycle Management (PLM)

    As a Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) Specialized Autodesk Partner, we offer an affordable and easy to implement PLM solution.

  • Autodesk Authorized Training Center

    The certification of Training@Cadac as an Autodesk Authorized Training Center means Cadac Group provides Autodesk training courses of the highest quality.

  • Autodesk Authorized Developer

    Cadac Group is authorized to develop solutions based on Autodesk software.

  • Autodesk Authorized Certification Center

    Training@Cadac is an Autodesk Authorized Certification Center. As such, you can sit various Autodesk exams with us to obtain the official Autodesk certification.

Microsoft Gold Partner

With Cadac Group, you can build on sound technical and business expertise. It is with good reason that we are a Microsoft Partner with several gold and silver competencies.

  • Application & Development

    With the Microsoft Application and Development Gold competency, we demonstrate our expertise in developing and delivering innovative applications on the Microsoft platforms.

  • Collaboration & Content

    With the Microsoft Collaboration and Content Gold competency, Cadac demonstrates its ability to develop solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint. We offer implementation and support so that you can focus on managing your content more efficiently.

  • Learning

    As a Microsoft Partner for Learning Solutions, we distinguish ourselves from other training institutes. Cadac Group offers a wide range of Microsoft training programmes.

  • Cloud Accelerate

    This accreditation is a recognition of our expertise and experience in the field of cloud computing and implementing solutions based on cloud services from Microsoft. Cadac Group is one of the few Cloud Accelerate partners in the Netherlands.

Other partners

Take advantage of proven experience

You can rely on our 25 years of experience for the creation, management, and sharing of your digital design information. Our solutions link your design software to the technology for the management of the process and the sharing of documents.



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Our success is entirely thanks to all our clients who have put their trust in us and to the dedication and great efforts of our employees.

Jan Baggen Chief Executive Officer - Cadac Group Holding Jan Baggen

Other important events

  • Cadac Group Australia official Autodesk Partner.

  • Cadac Group Americas official Autodesk Partner.
  • Purchase of energy-efficient vehicle fleet.
  • Purchase of country estate of Kunderhorst.
  • Official opening of Cadac Campus in Vianen.
  • Acquisition of NPQ CAD Solutions.

  • Acquisition of NedGraphics.

  • Cadac (Cad Advies Centrum) established.

We aim for perfection

Better service thanks to your feedback
To continuously improve in all areas and obtain regular feedback from clients about our services and service provision, we have standardized and professionalized our client satisfaction surveys. The feedback gives us the opportunity to better understand what our customers feel is important, and to serve them even better.

Top quality
Autodesk also measures the level of client satisfaction worldwide at Autodesk Partners. As a result of the high level of appreciation expressed via these surveys, Cadac Group was the only Autodesk Partner in the Benelux region to be promoted to the rank of Autodesk Platinum Partner in May 2013. This means that we deliver top quality at the highest level.

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At Cadac Group, client satisfaction, quality, and service are top priorities. Every day, we strive to optimize our services and service provision, and where necessary modify them to the wishes of our clients.

Jan Baggen Chief Executive Officer - Cadac Group Holding Jan Baggen
Klantentevredenheid_2019-08_470x302px_Tevredenheid.png (3)

99% satisfaction with our service

As Autodesk Platinum Partner, we also aim for perfection. This strong focus on achieving a higher level of client satisfaction is therefore bearing fruit.

The Autodesk client satisfaction surveys that took place during May 2019 and August 2019, show us that 99% of the clients surveyed were satisfied with our service. 24% gave us scores of seven or eight out of ten in various areas, and 75% actually gave us nothing but nines and tens!

Excellent Altr Score

The Altr Score (Average Likelihood To Recommend) is a powerful indicator expressing clients' appreciation of our services. This score, on a scale from 0 to 10, indicates the extent to which clients recommend our products and services to others.

Cadac Group has set itself the goal of a minimum score of 8.5. On the basis of the surveys that took place between May 2019 and August 2019, a score of 8.9 was achieved. This is an achievement well above the average for the Benelux countries, northern Europe, and the EMEA region. In addition, the response rate was also exceptionally high compared with these regions. In other words, our clients have a greater willingness to assess us than is the case for other Autodesk partners in these regions.


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About Cadac Group

Digitisation is in full swing in the manufacturing industry, construction and government. The way you design, build and operate is changing radically. Our experts help you embrace this digital transformation. We enable you to enter a new phase of growth. So that you are ready for the future. Whatever it brings. 

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