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smartGlobe Aeronautical Utilities

The smartGlobe Aeronautical Utilities provides you with a set of tools to work in a projected environment, plotting and reading out points in latitude-longitude, and calculating and drawing geodetic lines, intersections and such.

The utilities are accessible from within the graphical environment. MicroStation (V8 or higher) is used as a graphical engine.

The most important features are:

  • Creating and setting up a chart: a three- dimensional area on the globe must be projected onto the two-dimensional design plane
  • Mercator, Lambert Conformal Conic and Polar Stereographic projections are supported
  • Grid generation: a chart border (neatlines) and grid or graticule can be generated, with tick marks at user-defined intervals
  • Performing aeronautical calculations: calculate tracks and distances and convert geographical positions to Cartesian grid positions and vice versa
  • Defining and Storing Chart templates under user-defined names.

Configuration tools are included to define every aspect of the graphical appearance grids and graticules.

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