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NedGlobe Web

With NedGlobe Web, your organization is able to map data of various kinds itself. The maps that you compile with NedGlobe Web are then easily integrated into your own website. The modern interface ensures optimal ease of use on both desktops and mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

As a user you are completely free in what information you want to make available. Configuration of the geographic and administrative data to be made accessible is simple via the intuitive management environment. NedGlobe Web discloses (geo-) information based on standardized web services. These can be publicly accessible web services.

Powerful management environment
The content and design of the map viewer is defined in the management environment. The map viewer can be set up as desired using the web-based management dashboard.

The information sources are managed via the dashboard. This can be web services based on external data (eg made available by PDOK) and internal data (eg made available by NedGeoservices Basis).

The contents and shape of the final map image are created with this wizard. The wizard also immediately provides the user with the visual result based on the settings previously chosen. The final result is a map image that can be integrated into your website.

Configure NedGlobe entirely according to your wishes
All NedGlobe components are available as Software as a Service (SaaS). This allows you to flexibly switch the desired functionality on and off within NedGlobe.

NedGlobe consists of the following modules / configuration options:

  • NedGlobe Mobile - Consult and make feedback on touch devices
  • NedGlobe Web - Unlock interactive maps on your own website
  • NedGlobe Portal - Publish open data via a central and user-friendly portal

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