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NedGlobe Portal

NedGlobe Portal is supplied as an extension to NedGlobe Web. With NedGlobe Web you can quickly and easily generate a theme map. This theme map supports a specific topic, article and or publication with "current information on the map".

With NedGlobe Portal you get a publication channel, in which all available theme maps can be published "in one place" - or the Portal.

NedGlobe Portal offers a user-friendly environment for clearly publishing multiple theme maps.

From the management environment - the NedGlobe Dashboard - the administrator can choose a web service that he / she wants to publish via NedGlobe Portal. The administrator gives a title, description and image to this publication. The theme then appears as a clickable tile or list object in a customer-friendly overview.

The visitor of the portal can easily search through many different theme cards through a Google-like search field and various sorting options. In this way, NedGlobe Portal helps residents and companies find the desired information.

Configure NedGlobe entirely according to your wishes
All NedGlobe components are available as Software as a Service (SaaS). This allows you to flexibly switch the desired functionality on and off within NedGlobe.

NedGlobe consists of the following modules / configuration options:

  • NedGlobe Mobile - Consult and make feedback on touch devices
  • NedGlobe Web - Unlock interactive maps on your own website
  • NedGlobe Portal - Publish open data via a central and user-friendly portal

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