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NedGlobe Mobile

With the NedGlobe Mobile web app employees can easily consult and report (geo) information in the field. NedGlobe Mobile makes the information available independently of the desired device. The web app is optimized for touchscreen operation and works on the most common operating systems (iOS, Android and Windows).

As a user you are completely free in what information you want to make available. Configuration of geographic and administrative data to be unlocked is easy via the intuitive management environment. It is also possible to authorize users and themes.

NedGlobe Mobile is a GIS-environment specifically developed for mobile devices. For example, the operation of the web app is optimized for touchscreens. This is expressed, among other things, in the maximized map window, on which only the necessary function buttons are present. NedGlobe Mobile distinguishes itself from the well-known desktop GIS environments.

The search field is the central entry point for available information. This search field allows searches on locations, themes and properties. The operation is similar to the well-known search functionality of Google Maps. NedGlobe Mobile supports the display of multiple themes.

Object information of available themes can be consulted via the map. For example, when the theme Cadastre is selected, by clicking on the relevant field, subject information can be displayed. A sliding detail screen shows the administrative data in connection with the Cadastral map.

In addition to themes, it is also easy to switch between different background layers. The user can quickly switch between, for example, the BRT background map and an aerial photo via a function button. The background layers can be configured as desired in the management environment.

NedGlobe Mobile uses the possibilities that mobile devices offer. This allows the user to display his GPS position on the map at the touch of a button. This allows object information to be requested accurately. Not only can information be consulted on site, but it is also possible to send findings as notifications to the back office. For example, these notifications can be collected and managed in the desktop geo-viewer NedBrowser. These messages can optionally be linked to a photo taken with the mobile device.

Powerful management environment
NedGlobe has an intuitive web-based management dashboard. The administrator can set up NedGlobe in this environment as desired by the end user. The information sources, the web services, are managed via the dashboard. This can be web services based on external data.

Themes can be composed and visualized from the various web services at your own discretion. This applies to both geographical and administrative data.

The management environment also has authorization options. The administrator is thereby enabled to authorize users at the theme level. As a result, users are never provided with more themes than they are entitled to or relevant to in the performance of their duties.

Configure NedGlobe entirely according to your wishes
All NedGlobe components are available as Software as a Service (SaaS). This allows you to flexibly switch the desired functionality on and off within NedGlobe.

NedGlobe consists of the following modules / configuration options:

  • NedGlobe Mobile - Consult and make feedback on touch devices
  • NedGlobe Web - Unlock interactive maps on your own website
  • NedGlobe Portal - Publish open data via a central and user-friendly portal

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