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Organice TaskForce

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Cadac Organice TaskForce is a SharePoint Online add-in that allows you to issue tasks and transmittals in order to improve your engineering document management. Use this innovative tool to easily share and collaborate on engineering documents with colleagues, clients, and other stakeholders both inside and outside your organisation.

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Product description Organice TaskForce

Efficiently manage your tasks and transmittals in SharePoint

Do you have Office 365, then you have your SharePoint Online licenses already. Manage and share your engineering data and documents with Cadac Organice TaskForce, an innovative SharePoint add-in that gives you control of engineering projects. This allows you to improve your SharePoint document management significantly.

Organice TaskForce is licensed with a subscription. All SharePoint users that actively use TaskForce require a license. External task recipients do not require a license.



Creating a transmittal.



Receiver gets transmittal email.



My DashBoard-multi project.

Keep your project files organised

With 60% of enterprises using SharePoint as their strategic enterprise content management platform to keep their project files organised, Cadac launched the user-friendly SharePoint Add-in TaskForce.

TaskForce is one easy-to-use, SharePoint-based tool to manage all your document tasks. It expands basic SharePoint functionality with effortlessly controlled task management and document sharing features.

Why you should use Cadac Organice TaskForce

Save time, be effective, take control, and involve everyone with this SharePoint Add-in.

  • Improve your SharePoint document management with Cadac Organice TaskForce 
  • SaaS based engineering data management solution for SharePoint Online
  • Create transmittals in SharePoint for both internal and external parties
  • Assign tasks on documents and record task creation, progress and history 

Cadac Advanced Support is freely included in your licence. This way, you can submit software questions 24/7 and our experts will give you advice in order for you to get the most out of your new software. In addition, you can add installation support to your subscription.

Get expert advise

What are the SharePoint document management challenges your organisation faces? Cadac Organice TaskForce may be the solution for you. Get in touch with us today to get expert advise on the TaskForce implementation that fits your organisation best.

Licences Organice TaskForce

TaskForce named user license model

A TaskForce named user is any user that has access to the SharePoint environment and uses the TaskForce SharePoint Add-in. Typically external project members that receive transmittals/tasks do not have access to the SharePoint environment, hence they do not require a TaskForce license. These users will open the transmittal/task via the notification email, where they can download- and respond to the document(s).

TaskForce SharePoint Add-in activities overview


TaskForce license

(TaskForce named user)

No TaskForce license

Issue transmittal/task



Receive transmittal/task



- Open/download/response via email notification



- Open/download/response via TaskForce Status Indicator



- Open/download/response via TaskForce Dashboard



Use TaskForce Status Indicator



Use TaskForce Dashboard



Generate placeholders



Use numbering



Configure TaskForce



*User has access to SharePoint


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Manage your document flow with TaskForce

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