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Enabling digital in aviation


NedGraphics (Cadac Group company)

Our vision is to give substance to your digital agenda using our driven experts, advanced software, services and digital platform.

Create, manage and share your digital data with our aviation solutions

Increasing air traffic means a modern air traffic management system is required to prevent congestion and minimise the impact of air traffic on the environment. Besides guaranteeing and increasing safety, flying cost-effectively is also becoming increasingly important to the industry.

Standards are being developed by international initiatives of umbrella organisations and cooperating countries to manage airspace in an innovative way. We have a complete suite of products that can support this. At NedGraphics, we have a lot of experience in the aviation market, which is only increasing thanks to a growing number of active contracts with aviation organisations, countries and partner companies.

Important trends & developments in the aviation industry

Our solutions help you to intelligently create, manage and share digital data.



Generate and maintain charts and aviation data with a single data source.

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High quality

NedGraphics Aviation Solutions is a leader in aeronautical charting solutions, both in Europe and worldwide.

NedGraphics supplies the approved aeronautical charting solution subsystem software for the European AIS Database Project (EAD) and our customer base in this field continues to grow. We endeavour to work closely with our clients to ensure that they receive the necessary support and expertise at all times.

Our products are fully compliant with the standards of EUROCONTROL and ICAO's Annex 4, Document 8697 and also comply with the Regulation laying down requirements on the quality of aeronautical data and aeronautical information for the Single European Sky (Regulation (EC) 73/2010). NedGraphics Aviation Solutions is ISO 9001:2008-certified.


Don't just rely on software, also benefit from our knowledge

NedGraphics Aviation Solutions supplies world-class aeronautical charting solutions and training. We supply a range of proven 'off-the-shelf' products that are used in more than 20 countries and organisations around the world.

Besides the world-leading smartGlobe Aeronautical Charting System for which we are best known, we also offer a full range of support services, including training, ARINC 424 procedure coding, chart migration and consultancy.

Tailored solutions for all organisations working in the aviation sector

Create, manage and share your digital data even faster and more efficiently with the most advanced NedGraphics software. This allows us to work (together) optimally.


The automatic generation of ICAO complaint aeronautical charts is self-evident within AIS/AIM Departments

The ability to generate and maintain graphs and aeronautical data with a single data source is crucial for AIS/AIM departments, as it ensures that each chart is created with exactly the same data. Aviation data, such as data concerning airports, navigation aids, airways and procedures, can be generated automatically from the aviation database.

Our solutions enable you to quickly create and update charts using verified data to help optimise your work processes when creating and sharing aeronautical chart information.

This saves you time. And you make it easier for all the parties involved to understand what the parameters are for management and policy. You do this based on validated information.



By utilising a single source of data from the AIXM 5.1 database, the same data is used for all relevant chart types which eliminates potential data errors from multiple sources of input

SmartGlobe was selected as the standard charting tool for the EAD client interface Terminal (ECIT). The SmartGlobe static database interfaces with the EAD static Data Operation (SDO) using a ‘replication module’ that retrieves all static data changes real time. EAD SDO stores data in the EUROCONTROL AIXM standard format.

Publication materials are provided both printed in PDFs (AIP) and electronic HTML (eAIP) formats. A complete set of templates for all AIP charts as defined in ICAO Annex 4 is included in the solution meaning that the clients charts are complaint with all relevant standards.

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