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Rotate drawing/view - Revit

How to

Last modified on 29 April 2020

When it seems a drawing/view has been started with the false orientation.

Solution: ( 3 options)

Option 1:

The drawing/view kan be rotated on a sheet, 90° Clockwise or counter-clockwise, all annotations wil be rotated also.

Option 2: 

It can also be fixed by switching between "True North" and "Project North"; With this the entire drawing/view will be rotated to the desired orientation.

Take following steps to change "Project North":

  • Activate the specific view an open the type properties. Make sure the parameter 'Orientation'is set to: "Project North".
  • Activate the 'Manage' tab (1) -> panel: Project location -> Position drop-down (2) -> Rotate Project North. (3)

  • You wil be presented with few options. Select the desired option.
Note: Changing "Project North" will have effect on every view that has the 'Orientation' set to "Project North".

For more information about the difference between "True North" and "Project North", see the article: True North vs Project North.

Option 3:

Another way to get a drawing/view onto a sheet quickly is to use Callouts. These Callouts can be placed under every rotation. The Callout view still needs to be rotated, since a view placed on a sheet can only be rotated 90° Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise.

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