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Validation steps OpenText Brava!

Getting started

Last modified on 22 January 2020

Validation OpenText Brava!

This article contains the Validation steps to be taken to validate if the OpenText Brava! software is installed correctly

Validation needs to take place at the: 

  • Brava! Server
  • SharePoint Server
  • DCS SharePoint site

Brava! Server

The following validation steps need to be executed on a Brava! Server

Validation steps

  1. Open the start menu
  2. Search for "Brava! Enterprise . Net for SharePoint
  3. Check if the following Brava! apps are created:
    • Brava! Enterprise .NET Sample Page* 
    • Brava! Enterprise .NET Status
    • Brava! Enterprise 7.2 Admin Guide  

* Depending on the version, there is only one sample page (ActiveX) (Brava  version 7.2) or there is one for ActiveX and one for HTML(Brava  16 and higher).


Figure 1 Brava! 7.2 Apps


Figure 2 Brava! 16 Apps with ActiveX and HTML Sample Page

Sample Page Validation

  • Open the Brava! Enterprise Sample page 
  • In the sample page, validate a few file types like Word and PDF. You can select the file type in the top of the screen.

Figure 3 Sample Page


 Figure 4 Sample Page Validation with a PDF file type


Brava! services

The following services are running:

  • IGC Brava! Enterprise License Server
  • Brava! Enterprise .NET JobProcessor

Depending on the Brava! version the following service should be running:

  • World Wide Web Publishing Service (Brava 7.2)
  • Apache Tomcat 7.0 Tomcat7 (Brava 16.0)

License Check

There is a license file (IGCKey.lic) in the folders:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\IGC\Brava! Enterprise\JobProcessor
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\IGC\Brava! Enterprise\Brava! License

In the IGCKey you can find the expiration date (CommonDieDate). Validate that this date has not been expired.

If the parameter CommonDieDate is not stated in the license, then the license will never expire.


  Figure 5 IGCKey.lic license file


SharePoint Server

The following validation steps need to be executed on a SharePoint server.


  • SharePoint is installed
  • Brava! Server is installed on a dedicated server
  • DCS is installed
  • A DCS site or template (.wsp) is available 

Validation steps Central Admin

  • The Brava! related farm solutions are deployed (Central Administration -> System Settings -> Manage Farm Solutions)

  Figure 6 Brava! farm solutions are deployed


On the DCS settings page in Central Admin the viewer type is set accordingly:

  • Brava (use the Brava configuration, preferred)
  • ActiveX (force ActiveX with IE)
  • Html (force Html with IE)


Brava! is correctly configured in the Central Admin menu option Brava! for SharePoint 2010/2013/2016 Settings.

  • Check if the Brava server URL's are matching the Brava server URL


  Figure 7 Brava! Farm Settings


Organice DCS SharePoint site

The following validation steps need to be executed on a Organice DCS SharePoint site

Validation steps

 The Brava! Site collection feature is activated on the DCS site

  • In SP2013/SP2016: Site Settings -> Brava! Site Collection Features
  • In SP2010: Site Settings -> Informative Graphics Brava! Enterprise Site Collection Features

  Figure 8 Brava! Site Collection Settings


Brava! Viewer validation

  • Open a DCS site collection
  • Go to a controlled document where a PDF file is uploaded (if not create a new document set and upload a PDF) and select it
  • Click in the ribbon on Files. This should show the Brava! buttons
  • Click on "Current Window" to view the file with Brava!

  Figure 9 Brava! Ribbon


An alternative is to use the file context menu to view a file with Brava!


  Figure 10 Brava! context menu options


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