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Autodesk BIM 360 Design

Give team members access to centralised Revit models in the cloud

BIM 360 Design is now BIM Collaborate Pro

BIM Collaborate Pro is part of the Construction Cloud, the former BIM 360 platform.

Create designs together

Enjoy the benefits of working in a cloud environment with BIM 360 Design, which gives members of your project team from different disciplines and locations access to Revit models. Collaborating in Revit models becomes easy, efficient and cost-effective with Autodesk BIM 360 Design.

Enable team members to access the most up-to-date models efficiently. BIM 360 Design offers real-time communication within your teams, allowing for better informed and faster decision-making.

Are you looking for an advantageous Autodesk BIM 360 Design licence? As an Autodesk Platinum Partner we offer BIM 360 Design at the lowest price with the best services.

At Cadac Group, we guarantee you the best prices. In case you find the same software at a lower price elsewhere, please don’t hesitate to send us the quotation so we can offer you a better deal! Meanwhile, you can log in at My Cadac to discover your personal discount! 

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Discover the possibilities of Revit cloud work-sharing and design collaboration with BIM 360 Design

Benefit from real-time Revit cloud work-sharing and design collaboration. Autodesk BIM 360 Design optimises your project results by improving productivity and efficiency, reducing rework and accelerating project delivery.

The real-time Revit cloud work-sharing tool gives team members from different disciplines access to centralised Revit models in the cloud, at any time and at any place. In this way, project members won’t lose valuable time uploading, synchronising and sending large files. In addition, documents can now easily be found, and team members don’t have to wait for colleagues to send over files. You shouldn’t worry over the safety of your documents since you have full control over access and permissions to the Revit models. In conclusion, BIM 360 Design will optimise communication within your team.

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The possibilities of BIM 360 design

Furthermore, BIM 360 Design helps you to work more efficiently. Share up-to-date information with stakeholders so everyone can anticipate directly on possible project changes, reducing rework and project delays.

The cloud-based solution of BIM 360 Design offers even more advantages: a smooth and clear communication of approvals and a tight follow-up of deadlines.

Find the information you need with the different visualisation possibilities in BIM 360 Design. Navigate from a 2D model to a 3D model in order to better understand designs. Compare changes in models and check the impact of changes on a model in different project phases or on other disciplines in your project.

A BIM 360 Design licence that fits your needs

Optimise your project results by using real-time worksharing and design collaboration with BIM 360 Design. At Cadac Store, you can assemble your subscription according to your needs.

The licence you choose depends on the number of users. We offer software suited for a single user, 10 users25 users100 users, 500 users of 1000 users. In the likely event that some of your team members only need access to project data and the design tools are superfluous to them, we also offer BIM 360 Docs licences suited for data management within your building project.

After determining the number of users, you can choose the duration of your subscription.

Finally, you can choose the support that fits your needs. Autodesk Support is always included for free in all of our Autodesk licences. However, in case you are in need of a more intensive support, you can add Cadac Advanced Support to your licence. Another additional type of support you can add is installation support. If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our contact form.

Choose your BIM 360 Design licence

BIM 360: comprehensive construction management software for your BIM projects

BIM 360 is a collection of different products that enable you and your team to collaborate smoothly on construction projects. BIM 360 gives you the tools to accelerate turnaround time, save costs and reduce project risk.

bim construction

BIM 360 Coordinate

Is a cloud-based service that connects the team and streamlines the BIM workflow through model coordination and clash detection.

BIM 360 Coordinate
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BIM 360 Docs

Is cloud-based software that allows the entire project team to always work with the correct versions of project data.

BIM 360 Docs
bim construction cadac

BIM 360 Plan

Helps you draw up an efficient planning for the entire project and all its phases.

BIM 360 Plan
bim 360 build

BIM 360 Build

Ensures efficient management of your construction project on the construction site itself.

BIM 360 Build
autodesk bim 360 cost building information model

BIM 360 Cost Management

Gain more control over your expenses with useful workflows.

BIM 360 Cost Management

Discover BIM 360

Autodesk BIM 360 Platform


 BIM 360 Plan*

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BIM 360 Design

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BIM 360 Coordinate

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BIM 360 Build 

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Document Management Document Management Document Management Digital
planning software




Design Collaboration Model Coordination Project Management
Insight Insight Field Management
Project Administration Project Administration Insight
Account Administration Account Administration Project Administration
Access Revit Cloud Worksharing  Access to BIM Coordinate (classic) Account Administration
Access to Classic C4R Access to Navisworks Manage & Point Layout Access to BIM 360 Field (classic)
Access to BIM 360 Team    

BIM 360 Cost Management

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    Budget Control 
    Change order management
    Pay applications

BIM 360 Docs

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Document Management
Project Administration
Account Administration

*BIM 360 Plan is not included in the BIM 360 platform.

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