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BIM Collaborate 2021 - 25 users (BIM 360 Coordinate)

From €1,076.- p/m

Autodesk BIM Collaborate 2021 is the successor to BIM 360 Coordinate.

Use Autodesk BIM Collaborate - 25 users to manage the entire design collaboration and model coordination process. This allows you to align and execute design intent and constructability. Tools for model review, problem management, document management, change analysis and clash detection help you avoid errors, improve productivity and accelerate project delivery.

In short, Autodesk BIM Collaborate 2021 - 25 users enables you to optimally collaborate on designs and coordinate your model on one central platform.

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Product description BIM Collaborate 2021 - 25 users (BIM 360 Coordinate)

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Powerful design collaboration and controlled model coordination


Autodesk BIM Collaborate 2021 facilitates powerful collaboration within the construction process. It is a necessary prerequisite for construction today. Construction projects are becoming increasingly complex, people’s expectations are rising and the amount of data to be processed is huge. To make building a model possible on paper, connecting teams and strong model coordination is more important than ever. Stumbling blocks that make this process difficult are:

  • Inconsistent design data sharing;
  • Just one powerful user for clash detection and problem management;
  • Information silos caused by unconnected workflows;
  • Important information and decisions are discussed in meetings or e-mails but are not managed centrally.

Autodesk BIM Collaborate 2021 connects the different teams within your construction project and provides strong model coordination. This is how you make a model buildable on paper:

  • Manage design data sharing;
  • Visualise design changes;
  • Foster cooperation;
  • Detect errors early using automated clash detection;
  • Manage problems and solutions easily;
  • Always work in the latest model;
  • Work with Revit and Navisworks users.

These solutions are made possible by using advanced tools, each of which aims to promote cooperation between teams in order to reduce time lost, prevent errors and work more efficiently. Some of the key tools of Autodesk BIM Collaborate 2021 are:

Design collaboration

The design collaboration module of Autodesk BIM Coordinate 2021 allows you to share design packages, analyse changes, assign problems and track project progress. Employees can easily review designs in a web browser without opening other software. You can also immediately see the consequences of the changes in your design by combining different models.

Model coordination

Merging multi-disciplinary models is easy with Autodesk BIM Collaborate 2021. You can also easily generate views of your merged model, easily create custom coordination environments and more.

Clash detection

Possible design conflicts are identified by automated clash detection.

Issue management

You can efficiently assign problems to project stakeholders and track issues easily. For example, it is easy to identify a design conflict as a problem and assign it to the most qualified employee(s) and track them. Employees can then solve problems directly from Revit or Navisworks.

Project insights

Autodesk BIM Collaborate 2021 provides a clear overview of the entire project: quickly review the latest design changes, check the project status and manage the data exchange.

Document management

Collect, manage and review all the project documentation in one central document management system: Autodesk Docs is always included in the Autodesk BIM Collaborate package.

An Autodesk BIM Collaborate 2021 - 25 users licence

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Autodesk BIM Collaborate 2021 for your building project

We also sell Autodesk BIM Collaborate packages for 1, 10, 100, 500 or 1000 user(s).

Autodesk Construction Cloud: the BIM platform in the cloud

By combining the best of Autodesk BIM 360 with the best of Plangrid in one Construction Cloud platform, the workflows of both are retained and reinforce each other. The new workflows make Autodesk Construction Cloud more than the sum of its parts. The Construction Cloud comprises various BIM software, all built on one cloud-based platform and with one common data environment. This platform allows contractors, specialists, designers and owners to achieve better business results.

System requirements BIM Collaborate 2021 - 25 users (BIM 360 Coordinate)

No specific hardware requirements apply as these Autodesk Construction Cloud products are web-based. However, a standalone video card is recommended when using the Viewer. The RAM and CPU requirements will depend on your project.

Chrome (recommended): latest version
Firefox: latest version
Safari: latest version
Edge: latest version
Operating system
iOS: version: 12.2+

Android: 6.0 (Marshmallow)+

Data centres
Only data centres in the United States are currently supported

Source: Autodesk 

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Media BIM Collaborate 2021 - 25 users (BIM 360 Coordinate)

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