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Create, manage and share your aviatic digital data

Full control over your data with this total solution

The smartGlobe Aeronautical Charting System (ACS) enables the generation and maintenance of charts and aeronautical data using a single data source.

In this way, you can ensure that every chart is made with exactly the same data. We make sure that all our clients use their software optimally and our complete maintenance and support packages mean that systems are always kept up-to-date and that users know exactly how to use their software.

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As a software developer, software supplier and knowledge partner, we have everything in-house to optimise your results with smartGlobe.

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smartGlobe projection tools allow you to work more efficiently and faster

Aviation data on airports, navigation aids, airways and procedures are generated automatically from the aviation database.

Objects placed in a chart remain linked to the database. This means you can check the chart at any time based on the database by simply clicking on the object in the chart. Objects are placed at precise locations, routes and distances using smartGlobe's projection tools. The smartGlobe products are based on Bentley's MicroStation CAD engine.

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A solid foundation with ARINC 424 standard as basis

The smartGlobe database is based on the ARINC 424 standard for aviation data. This means that instead of starting with an empty database, a commercially available dataset can be used for an initial data load.

The smartGlobe database is entirely transparent to the chart editor. All database access can be initiated from within the graphical environment by interacting with elements in the chart. More than 20 types of aviation objects can be stored in the smartGlobe database.

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Integration with EAD

With the advent of the European AIS database (EAD) as a source of European static data, a qualitatively well-defined data source is now available.

smartGlobe has been selected as the standard charting tool for the EAD Client Interface Terminal (ECIT). The smartGlobe static database is linked to the EAD static data processing (SDO) using a 'replication module' that retrieves all static data changes in real time. EAD SDO stores data in the EUROCONTROL AIXM standard format.


Unambiguous use of data through powerful symbolisation functions

The smartGlobe system provides powerful symbolisation functions via an easy-to-use graphical user interface. smartGlobe uses the concept of chart types. All aspects of the graphical appearance of an element, such as a symbol, label and line style, can be defined for each chart type (e.g. Instrument Approach Chart) and object properties (e.g. Military airport).

Default symbolisation is automatically used if a chart type is selected when setting up a chart. Symbols and labels can easily be modified during clean-up, if required. The system is delivered with standard symbols and label configuration. Additional symbols and labels can be added by users.

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The features of smartGlobe

  • Integrated CAD/GIS platform

    For creating charts in a projected environment.

  • Quality assurance

    Supports CAA quality assurance and quality control requirements.

  • Compliant

    Complies with the standards of EUROCONTROL and ICAO's Annex 4 and Document 8697.

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