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FAQ - Transition to Named User (TNU)

Transition to Named User

Last modified on 16 December 2020

TNU - What actions should a customer take?

When you are going to make a transition to Named User, there are several actions you need to take. Because there are different scenarios from which you can make the transition. The actions can vary. From these different scenarios we have made a separate document, which can be found in the appendix of this article. ( please note this is only in dutch).

TNU - What should the customer do if they get stuck?

When it concerns only a few stations (max. 2) you can submit a support ticket and we will try to solve the problem through support. For larger issues such as multiple stations, required installations and/or de-installations a consultant will have to be scheduled, please contact us and we will make you an appropriate offer.

TNU - What do you do with flex workplaces?

Situations can arise within a company where there is still Multi-user software present and partly Single-user software is already present. This can create challenges when there are 'flex workplaces' in the company.

When you have flex workplaces within the organization, please indicate at the relevant stations whether Single-user software is present or Multi-user software. Only users with an assigned license (Single-users) are allowed to use the Single-user stations and log in with their data. After their session they also need to log out. Multi-user stations should only be used by Multi-users (occasional users).

TNU - How to deal with Terminal servers?

As far as terminal servers are concerned, Autodesk currently only supports Citrix. However, other software virtualization options are available. Autodesk also allows this for Single-user software, as long as only the assigned user logs in to one place.  

Attention here: If in a virtual environment, the MAC address is not saved when restarting the virtual machine, a user will have to log in with the Autodesk account each time the software is started.

For more info see:

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