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Add users in the new view

Single user / Stand alone license

Last modified on 14 August 2020

In Autodesk Account, administrators can add users individually or in bulk, and assign products during the process. When added, the user receives a confirmation email explaining how to create an account with their own password. Through their personal account, users can download products and access support.

Note: Double-byte numbers are not supported in user names. See the article, DBCS, for more information.

Add Users

  1. Sign in to Autodesk Account at and click User Management > By User in the left navigation menu.

  2. Click the Add Users button. If your users are organized by team, select the team you want to add the user to first.

    Note: If your screen looks different from the image below, you may be in classic user management. See Add Users in Classic User Management.

    Add users button in Autodesk Account
  3. Enter the user's first name, last name, and email address separated by a comma and a space (for example, David, West, [email protected]). Separate multiple users with a semicolon (for example, David, West, [email protected]; Becky, Hill, [email protected]).
  4. Click Send Invite. The user's status displays as pending until they accept the invitation. They will not have access to any products or services until you assign them. See Assign Users to Products, or Assign Products to Users for more information.

    Note: If the user does not accept the invitation within 90 days, you will need to resend the invite.

New View User Management

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Add users in the new view | Account Management | Autodesk Knowledge Network


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