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Explanation overuse, Cadac Named Use transition.

Cadac Transtion to Named User

Last modified on 12 May 2022

In this article you will find a further explanation of: overuse, related to the Cadac Transition to Named User. (More information about the Cadac transition to named user can be found in this article: FAQ - Cadac Transition to Named User)


What is licence overuse ?

What exactly does license overuse mean? This refers to the ability to make use of the software for which one currently has insufficient licenses. 

The easiest way to explain this is based on an example:

Suppose you have 5 seats(licenses) of your software. All 5 of these seats(licenses) are already associated with a user. A 6th user asks for a license. Your contract manager can create this user as over-user in MijnCadac. So this user can still use the software (albeit for a limited period).

Till when is overuse possible?

Overuse is possible until the next contract renewal. After the contract extension, overuse is no longer possible and is entirely based on named use.

What does overuse have to do with the Cadac Transition to Named User?

The Cadac Transition to Named User is being rolled out over an extended period of time, with some steps to be taken. One of these steps is to temporarily allow overuse, which will give customers the ability to identify which users are actually using the software. And calculate how many licenses are needed. (For more info about the Transition please visit:  FAQ - Cadac Transition to Named User), 

Who does this overuse apply to?

This depends on the software you are using. See the following:

* This relates only to the Cadac software and not on Autodesk software.

Architecture, engineering & Construction (AEC)

  • Cadac TheModus 

Manufacturing (MFG)

  • Cadac NXTdim
  • Cadac Organice Vault

Why is the availability of overuse, software dependent?

Changes to the licensing mechanism run parallel to further product development and improvement. These changes and product development both require and receive our attention. This means that we cannot implement the overuse model for everyone at the same time, but that it will be executed in phases. We strive for no to minimal downtime for you and your users during the entire transition to the named use license model.

How to create over-users?

Over-users can be created by the contract manager just like regular users, on  Sign in here with your Cadac account. And then add the (overuse) users.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questionsplease contact us via our service and support page:

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