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29 March 2022

Blog | Frequently asked questions about your Autodesk software

Bas Dols is a Senior Inside Sales Representative at Cadac and, as such, has a lot of contact with numerous (potential) Autodesk users in the Netherlands and abroad. He enjoys answering all the questions he is asked but has noticed that certain questions concerning Autodesk software and associated topics are asked more frequently. For this reason, he thought it would be a good idea to list the questions he is asked most often and the answers to them.


I would like to point out that the answers are based on the terms and conditions applicable at the time of writing. Autodesk sometimes changes its terms and conditions, so when in doubt, please contact us so that we can provide you with a more up-to-date answer.

In how many places may I install Autodesk software?

According to Autodesk's terms and conditions, an active subscription allows you to install the software concerned on up to three (3) "electronic devices". In practice, this usually means a computer at your office, a laptop and possibly a computer/laptop for home use. In principle, the software may only be run on one of these three devices at a time. So remember to shut down the software completely and log out when changing devices. In addition, try to keep track of the number of installations within your company network as Autodesk enforces strict controls on over-installations. My colleagues have prepared a webinar to provide more information on the various things that Autodesk can monitor.

Can I also purchase Autodesk licences that can be cancelled monthly?

From 7 August 2020, it is no longer possible for resellers, such as Cadac Group, to offer licences that can be cancelled monthly. Autodesk now only offers these types of licences through their own direct channel. However, we can add new licences to an existing contract. This can sometimes be useful, provided that the end date is not too far in the future. When purchasing a monthly renewable licence from Autodesk, please note that the price is higher as you pay for the flexibility it offers. For AutoCAD, for example, the monthly price is currently € 240 (excl. VAT), or € 2880 per year. An annual subscription for AutoCAD costs € 1935 (Autodesk’s recommended retail price). The break-even point is, therefore, at 8 months of use. So consider carefully in advance whether a licence that can be terminated monthly is the right solution for you.

Can I share my Autodesk software with several people?

Yes and no. Autodesk software is now only sold using the "Named Use" principle (with the exception of a selected number of products).  This means that the software must be linked to a personal and unique e-mail address using Autodesk's online Manage portal ( Autodesk's terms and conditions state that only the user whose e-mail address is registered with the licence may use the software in question. Sharing login data among several users is not permitted, no matter how tempting it may seem! So please be careful with this, as Autodesk also strictly enforces this.

However, an alternative is to link one licence to several users. To do this, you can disconnect a user and then connect another user to the software using Autodesk’s online portal. Once the new user has been connected, they can immediately access this software and log in with their own Autodesk account. The user who is disconnected loses access at that point. This process can be repeated ad infinitum, but one should still be careful not to breach the terms and conditions of use. In addition, please ensure that the previously mentioned maximum permissible installations is not exceeded. So although it requires some administrative work, one licence can, in theory, be shared by several people. In the case of multiple, structural users, we recommend that you purchase an additional licence at

Can I see how often my Autodesk software is being used?

With an active subscription, you can monitor the use of your software in Autodesk's online Manage portal. This option is only available to users with administrator rights. Using the Reporting > Seat Usage option, you can monitor a number of things, including:

  • Total number of (active) users

When an assigned product is used by a user, it is added to this list. Only the number of users are shown here, not their names.

  • Total number of products (e.g. AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor Professional)
  • Total number of seats 
  • Use per product

Here you can see how often a particular product is used, broken down into 1 day/week, 2-3 days/week and 4+ days/week. The names of the users concerned are not shown here either.

The basic functionality does not provide insight into how often a certain product is used on a personal level. For a more detailed analysis, a Premium Plan is required at € 265 per user, per year. Besides Single Sign On (SSO) and 24/7 support from Autodesk, a Premium Plan also allows you to see a detailed breakdown of how the software is being used within your organisation. Autodesk has made a helpful video about this, which may be viewed below.

Which Autodesk software versions can I use?

With an active subscription, you can automatically access the most recent version (at the time of writing, this is 2022) and up to 5 earlier versions. It should be noted that you can directly download and install up to 3 earlier versions from Autodesk's online Manage portal.

The other 2 versions can be downloaded using Autodesk's chatbot: AvA (Autodesk Virtual Agent). You can request a download link for the older versions here in just a few steps. You can activate your software after installing it by logging in with your Autodesk account.

Important detail: When there is a new release, the counter will run from that release and you will no longer be able to download older versions. Example: the most recent release is 2022. You can still download version 2017 from AvA. When version 2023 is released, you will no longer be able to download version 2017, only version 2018.

However, you can still use version 2017 if you still have it installed. Even after a new release. So do not uninstall older versions; they might come in handy one day.

Are there any questions that I have not answered in this article? Please contact me! 

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