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30 October 2020

Enabling Europe: the internationalisation of Cadac

On 1 October 2020, four new employees from Portugal, France, Spain and the United Kingdom joined the Cadac Group. They will be able to serve the Portuguese, Spanish, English and French markets even better as they speak the language of the customers, a requirement of being an international service provider and knowledge partner. With the recruitment of these new employees, we are one step closer to realising our growth ambitions in the rest of Europe.

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Digitisation doesn't stand still, and neither do we. Cadac started as a CAD Advice Centre 34 years ago, and it quickly grew to become the largest Autodesk supplier in the Benelux. In recent years, we have radically transformed ourselves from software supplier to service provider. This means that we can fully support our customers in preparing for the digital era with our software, services, training and experts. Cadac's full range of products directly addresses the most current trends in construction, mechanical engineering, process industry, infrastructure, government and aviation. The next step? Enabling Europe: the internationalisation of Cadac.

The focus is on further expansion in Europe. "We are just at the beginning of the digital era," said Jan Baggen. "Huge challenges await us, such as the building of millions of homes, providing enough food for an exponentially growing world population and adapting to global warming. Everything has to be more efficient, faster, more economical and more sustainable. Digitisation, automation and robotisation are the way forward. We facilitate and innovate."

Opening new offices

To make the step from a software supplier to a quality service provider and high-quality knowledge partner abroad, we need to be accessible to our customers wherever they are. For years, Cadac has maintained a presence in various countries in and outside of Europe, including Belgium, the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and Australia. Cadac’s success in these countries was reason to open various new offices in Spain, Portugal, France, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway this year.

International employees

In 2019, CEO Jan Baggen announced that he was looking for 100 new employees, not just for positions in the Netherlands, but also for the rest of Europe. We want to offer an optimum service in the new markets, so we have recruited native speakers with a perfect command of the local language, who also understand the culture. On 1 October 2020, four new employees from Portugal, France, Spain and the United Kingdom joined the Cadac Group. Three of them relocated to work at the head office in Heerlen in the Netherlands. They can best serve the European market from here, as this is where our knowledge centre is. We have also appointed an English-speaking account manager in London, a physical presence to attract potential customers and further conquer the market in the UK.

Website in six languages

We are also busy translating Cadac's digital platform so that our content meets the expectations of customers across Europe. Besides Dutch, English and German, all the platform functionalities will also be made available in French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Corona crisis

Cadac has also felt the consequences of the corona crisis, which has made it clear that digitisation will remain the issue in the coming years. "Digitisation will continue, without any doubt. Perhaps even more so, now that we are obliged to observe the current social-distancing measures," said Jan. This is another reason why Cadac is aware of the urgency of optimising its online platform; our digital marketplace where customers and specialists meet and where everything is processed digitally. Jan continued "Enabling digital is our core business, we support organisations and companies to realise their digital ambitions. Of course, our company has commercial interests, but we also enjoy helping others move forward."

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